Tesla power bank

You probably have heard of the brand Tesla before which has taken the world by storm with its breath taking inventions such as the electric semi-truck and roadster models, all announced in under a week. They also managed to release a new product quietly which is the tesla power bank, the cheapest tesla product available at $45 which you won’t have to wait a long time for. The first product Tesla released for the smartphone industry, however it would’ve been cooler if they released their own smartphone however there’s no news about that. Even if they did, who’s to say it won’t succeed?

Advantages of Buying a Tesla power bank?

A power bank is very useful in today’s world, as most smartphones tend to drain battery quickly due to their high functionality. Power banks are a good investment & every smartphone user should carry one with them before heading out, especially on faraway places where they believe they might not get the chance to charge their smartphone.

Although there ways to increase your Android smartphone’s battery life, it’s better to stay on the safe side as power banks are portable and save you from the terrible situation of having to see the “ low battery “ notification on your smartphone. Most are economical, meaning everyone can afford them, allowing you to charge more than one smartphone at a time which is a win win considering you don’t have to buy separate powerbanks for each phone. Apart from the disadvantage of the fact it only supporting USB cable, it’s safe to say the advantages outnumber the disadvantage(s).

Tesla Power Bank

The Tesla Power bank is able to charge both android and iOS smartphones on the go.  It uses a single 18650 cell consisting of 3350mAh capacity, a cell that’s also found in Tesla’s electric cars. Although I mentioned most powerbanks are economical,  the bad thing about tesla’s powerbank is the fact that it isn’t very economical, also it doesn’t offer a USB Type-C and there are cheaper & better power bank alternatives that you can buy for around $10!

However, that shouldn’t be enough to stop the die hard Tesla fans from purchasing the cheapest tesla product due to its nerdy design and cost. At least there’s a tesla product available in the market that we all can buy now.

Although If you’re the type of person who likes to buy products that are cheaper and fulfill your needs, then this isn’t the right powerbank for you as it only packs 3350mAh which is enough only to charge few phones. The powerbank would probably need charging by other smartphones if you think about it.

But at the same time, there are more people who love to spend on great brands and would buy this powerbank without any second thoughts. After all, it is the same company to produce the new roadster which boasts about being the world’s fastest production car. The 4 seater sports car is an updated version of Tesla’s first production vehicle, which is able to travel 620 miles on a SINGLE CHARGE, which is a great record for an electric vehicle.

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