Learn what you love: check out how Piano Companion can help you in music composition

If watching the famous movie, La La Land, or hearing any other pianist improvise inspired you to play the piano yourself, here is your chance to turn your wish into reality! Whether you are a scoring pianist or a learner who has just begun, you definitely need Piano Companion to teach you everything about pianos. This amazing app has all the amazing features which an aspiring pianist may need. The trend of digitalization of some of the most important routine tasks has led to the creation of some amazing apps such as parental control apps and tracking apps. One such creation is Piano Companion. Piano Companion is that digital teacher which will turn you into a pro pianist in no time. So, buckle up to feed your penchant for piano.

Although learning piano is not an easy task as it needs inspiration, commitment and lots and lots of practice, Piano Companion is the best place to start learning it. It is a music theory app which can help composers, producers, amateurs and skilled pianists in honing their skills. It provides everything at one place; from chords dictionary and chords progressions to reverse chord and circle of fifths. What else could you ask for!


Wide range of Chords and Scale Dictionary:

Piano Companion has a dictionary that includes 1500+ piano chords up till 6th inversions like major, minor, augmented, sevenths, etc which is truly a music lover’s dream. On top of that is the Scales Dictionary which has 10,000+ scales, including scales samples from all around the globe i.e. Western, Eastern, Blues, Jazz and many other musical genres. This scale dictionary can open creative-doors for musicians only familiar with one or two genres of music. Plus, this dictionary becomes handy for people who don’t have a keyboard nearby.

Piano Companion

Chord Progression builder:

Another amazing feature of this app includes the chord progression builder which can be used by any learner to experiment with chord progressions according to their interests. You can play around with progressions and afterward either save them or send as MIDI files. Also, the patterns will give suggestions for possible chords, so you can compose, experiment, and practice progressions.

Piano Companion

Reverse Mode to the rescue:

With the help of Reverse Mode of Piano Companion, you can easily find all the possible chords and scales just by tapping only some keys. Basically, once you play the chord on the keyboard, the app can tell you the chords you are making in all its inversions.

Piano Companion

Interactive Circle of Fifths:

This app is a “must have” as the Interactive Circle of Fifths makes it more inclusive than any other piano learning app. This circle of fifths has made it easy for users to navigate through the scale chords which includes the relative scales and grand staff.

Piano Companion


Easy to Use and Versatile:

Piano Companion is an easy-to-use the app with the most versatile features. Having more than 1M downloads over the world, Piano Companion has a wide range of popular key notations and music genres. On top of complete user experience, it offers a great interface and without the bugging of app-permissions at all.

Piano Companion

Download Piano Companion today!

The amazing Piano Companion is a keeper and a must have for all the novice and the expert pianists. Start your music journey with a reliable piano teacher, the Piano Companion. Get ready to learn, compose and produce the next musical genius of this generation.

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