Which Drone to Choose

“Which quadcopter to choose?” – A popular question among users who plan to buy a drone. Choosing a drone among a thousand offers (and there are really a lot of them!) Is not an easy task, especially for beginners who have no idea about devices?

An experienced operator is well aware of the design, modes, camera, additional functions and leading manufacturers of professional drones. The situation is different with users who have never picked up a drone or are taking their first steps in the field of aerial photography.

How does drone selection begin? From the answer to the most important question: “Why is it needed: as a toy or professional equipment, for taking selfies or amateur pictures?” The drone selection parameters depend on the answer to this question, namely the drone type, technical specifications and set of functions, the camera and its power, control method and manufacturer.

In this review, we will tell you what to look for when buying a drone to avoid regrets later.

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Aircraft Type – The Most Important Choice Parameter

To date, there are multicopters on sale that differ in design features and scope. Consumer drones are made with a different number of propellers (two, three, four, six, eight). The most popular are quadcopters – drones equipped with four blades, maneuverable and fairly stable devices. They are usually equipped with two sets of identical propellers: one pair rotates clockwise, the other against it.

Quadcopter Preview

Drones with a large number of screws (hexacopters / octocopters) are more reliable, capable of lifting heavy equipment and are designed for professional shooting. A rare species includes tricopter, notable for its small size and high maneuverability.

Can I launch a drone into the air right out of the box? This question is especially relevant for beginners. To answer it before buying a drone, pay attention to the abbreviations:

  • RTF If you bought a drone with such a reduction, then it is completely ready for flight (Ready to fly).
  • ARF means “almost ready to fly.” This type includes multicopter, which are supplied disassembled. They are perfect for those who like to design, experiment and assemble their “assistant” with their own hands.
  • Such a drone is equipped with all necessary mechanisms, except for the remote control, that is, it must first be tied to the controller and only then launched into the air.

Drone With or Without Camera – Which Is Better?

Those who want to buy a drone exclusively for piloting should choose models without a camera. It is quite difficult for beginners to simultaneously monitor the control of the device and taking photos. If you decide to do aerial photography or take a selfie, you can choose models with built-in or external cameras. For amateur shooting, devices whose camera is built into the case are suitable. They differ in small dimensions. Resolution of the built-in cameras, as a rule, does not exceed 2 MP.

Fans of professional filming prefer to independently install optics. In order not to be mistaken in the calculations, you need to take into account the carrying capacity of the drone, with which lenses it is combined. Among the professionals, the indisputable leader is the GoPro action camera.

Abilities of the drone or “to fly far, fast and long”

Budget multicopters for beginners are designed for a short range and flight time (up to 15 minutes). These parameters depend on several factors: the size and weight of the device, the number of engines, equipment with additional mechanisms. Range and flight duration directly depend on the number and capacity of the batteries: the larger their capacity, the longer the drone can be in the air. In large drones, it is possible to equip with additional batteries that increase the flight duration to 30 minutes. In mini-drones such an opportunity is not provided. With them, the problem is partially solved by the purchase of a spare battery, which is inserted in the place of a discharged one.

A separate group includes maneuverable racing drones. Only experienced pilots can cope with them. Models of this category reveal a speed of more than 90 km / h, are made from durable carbon fiber, have a low weight (up to 900 g) and standard frame sizes.

Power of the Drone

The power of the drone depends on the type of engine. On sale there are models equipped with inexpensive, but not sufficiently reliable collector engines, which, moreover, heat up during operation. Naturally, you cannot count on the long life of such an apparatus. Brushless motors are durable, high performance, mounted on large quadcopters. In a split second, such a screw gains maximum speed, since the moving part in it is the body (stator).

The control principle is an equally important parameter of choice

The most convenient and uncomplicated control method that most popular models support is through the application on the smartphone. Communication with the drone is established via a wireless Wi-Fi channel. The operator controls the flight modes, direction, altitude / speed through an intuitive interface. With one click, he can take videos and take pictures. The disadvantage of this method is the limited flight range. The drone can be removed from the operator for long distances, otherwise the connection will be interrupted.

The flight range will increase many times if you use the remote control. But in order to control it, the pilot will have to work out, since it is more difficult to cope with the controller, and he has much more functions.

For more advanced users, the market offers remote controls, the display function of which is performed by mobile devices. These versatile models will unlock the potential of powerful drones, receive invaluable shots and completely immerse themselves in professional aerial photography.

Those who find it difficult to choose a drone, guided by the basic parameters, the market offers ready-made solutions for all occasions.

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