Common PC Issues and Their Solution

Frustrated because of your system’s lethargic performance? Having an impeccable and fast computer without any common PC issues is a dream. But this dream can be fulfilled only if you are taking good care of it. Due to our busy timing, we are unable to check all the problems and fix them.

In this quarantine time, make your every moment valuable by fixing all your PC’s common problems. If you are not a tech master, and unaware of common problems then no worries, just read this article attentively.

In this article, we’ve shared some common PC Issues with their solution.

Over-heated PC

An over-heated PC is a result of long hours of using a PC without any breaks, which commonly occurs in Laptops. This may lead to the whole system slow down and can be lethal for your system if keeps happening. This problem can also happen due to slow or outdated processors.

Most of the time, this happens due to running programs that your computer is not capable of running such as heavy video editing softwares or videogames which should be avoided unless your computer can handle them.

Solution: This problem can be solved by taking short breaks in long work hours by shutting your PC down completely instead of leaving it on, which most usually do. If you have a laptop, you may be facing this problem frequently in which case it’s best to just buy a laptop cooling pad.

You should keep your processor up-to-date and use software or applications that are according to your system’s capacity or just upgrade your computer.

Computer Viruses\Threats

There are many threats to a computer and one of those threats is viruses. The virus makes your system vulnerable and weak. Virus may come to your computer through a website or can be an old file which may have been corrupted. There are many viruses including trojan horse, ransomware, adware, spyware, and more.

Virus common PC Issue

Solution: There are some ways you can protect your PC from viruses and ways are:-

  1. Have a good quality anti-virus on your PC. Some of the best free antivirus for windows are avast antivirus, quick heal, NQ security, ITL Total Security.
  2. Always visit safe sites that have been approved by google.
  3. Do not download trash or unnecessary files.
  4. Keep your anti-virus updated and scan your computer regularly for any viruses or malware.

Outdated Computer Drivers

Another biggest and vital problem of having a system with errors – old and broken drivers. Drivers are the support system of your PC by which you can ensure the smoothing of your system. If your system contains old, broken, and missing drivers then it may hinder your actions.

On the other hand, new and upgraded drivers empower your system. Many problems like frequent crashes, hardware connectivity issues and other display-related problems occur because of having outdated drivers. So, you need to update drivers for a PC’s effective and reliable performance.

Solution: To overcome this problem you need to install a good driver updater software. There is a wide collection of software available to update drivers automatically. But, we’ve suggested you download trusted and authorized programs. ITL Driver Updater, Bit Driver Updater, Quick Driver Updater are the top-notch picks for updating drivers.

Similar or Duplicate Files on your PC

One of the main reasons for filled up storage spaces of a computer is similar or duplicate photos. Sometimes these photos can fill up your system too much. Photo duplicates because the person who clicks photos press the button numerously which leads to duplicate photos.

Solution: The only measure to heal this problem to delete all the duplicate and copied files. You can remove these duplicate files manually but it takes a lot of time. So, install a good duplicate photo remover software to delete all the copied files automatically in a single go.

Unwanted Programs/Softwares on PC

At the time when you purchase your PC, several programs come already installed by default. When you use your computer you install many programs as per your need which can result in installing a lot of programs meant for one time use. This is how the system gets filled up and results in being slow. Which can lead to slow processing speed, and high processing time.

Solution: The only cure for this problem – try to delete programs and software which you think you won’t need in the future. e.g.: videogames you completed.

Junk Data and Temporary Log Files

Junk and corrupt files – another crucial reason that hinders your undertakings and makes your system sluggish. Internet browsing files may also very hazardous and consumes your battery highly. Junk and faulty files make your system slow and old. Log background files also take a bit part of your storage space.

Solution:- It is very crucial to remove all the junk and faulty files to keep your system sustainable. You may use any good program for the automatic deletion of junk files such as CCleaner.



PC’s problem can be tremendously irritating and has the ability to decrease your experience. It is very important to eradicate all the problems of your PC and make it good to use so that your productivity on the computer isn’t affected. Thus, we’ve summarised some biggest issues of your PC. Along with the problem, we’ve also mentioned its solutions to get rid of those problems.

Hope you enjoyed these solutions on common PC issues. If you’ve any suggestions or facing a issue which we didn’t mention on here, do let us know in the comments.

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