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JotForm PDF Editor

Have you ever gotten tired of the tedious task of converting online form submissions into PDF formats? The conversion of document-based online forms submissions into PDF format is not only a time-consuming task but also eats away your productive office time which could otherwise be invested in creating something bigger. To eliminate the pain of stacking hundreds of online form submissions into PDF formats, JotForm has introduced a brand new product – the JotForm PDF Editor. This editor is an upgrade to the previous product launched by JotForm- the online form builder. With this new addition, users get to enjoy hassle-free conversion of online form submissions into PDF format without having to download and convert each and every response individually.

Here is sneak-peak at some of the amazing advantages JotForm PDF Editor brings for you:


Save time:

Have you ever had to spend long hours past midnight converting form responses to PDF files? If yes, then you can probably relate with the tediousness associated with this job and the ultimate desire of every office manager: one-click conversion of documents into PDF formats without the need for downloading and copy/pasting each response individually. JotForm PDF Editor is the answer to your desire of getting PDF form submissions for online applications. JotForm PDF Editor is amazing in the way it saves time for you and your colleagues.


Streamline communication:

More often than not, every business owner and office worker is in a constant hunt for ways to speed up the communication and workflow of their workspace. Manual conversion of online form submissions is one of the biggest hurdles office workers and business owners have to face with respect to improving workspace efficiency and communication. JotForm PDF Editor offers you an easy way out from the mess of spending hours on each and every form submission simply to convert them into a presentable, PDF format. Instead of copy/pasting the information in a document and then converting them individually, you can simply press the share option to forward automatically generated PDF form submissions by using JotForm PDF Editor.


Say goodbye to device-clutter:

Let us say it out loud- None of us like a cluttered device with folders filled with files up to the brim. For those who love the organization in every aspect of their life, JotForm PDF Editor brings an amazing opportunity for workflow organization. All the responses you receive for your online JotForm are converted into PDF formats automatically which are then saved in your JotForm account. You can use the share option to forward these responses with just a click. JotForm PDF Editor will help you in de-cluttering your device for a better business organization and screening process.


Impressive features of JotForm PDF editor

JotForm PDF Editor is an all-inclusive package of some amazing features and handy additions. Some of the impressive features of JotForm PDF Editor include:


Design Customized PDF forms:

Do you want to enhance the element of uniqueness for your business’ surveys, application forms and related reports? JotForm PDF Editor offers you an opportunity to create your very own, personalized PDF designs. Simply drag and drop your favorite design elements from the toolbar and enjoy creative PDF designing. This feature lets you add following design elements for creating a unique PDF:

  • Logo, images and company name
  • Portrait and landscape orientation
  • Sectioning of document
  • Custom fonts and font colors


Select from hundreds of PDF templates:

Feeling too exhausted to design a PDF? Select from a myriad of hundreds of PDF design templates already available on JotForm PDF Editor. These templates range from agreement forms, contracts, medical consents to supply requests. Simply select the PDF template you like and all the form submissions will be automatically converted into your chosen style and format.

JotForm PDF Editor Templates

Automate PDF form submission:

How would you like a different PDF form created for every response which you receive on a single online form? You are simply going to love the unrivaled level of automation JotForm PDF Editor has brought into the world of PDFs. Enjoy a matchless level of automation in PDF form conversion and enhance the response rate to your online forms.

One-click sharing:

Are your colleagues demanding instant access to the information which you have received from online forms? Sharing, printing and downloading of PDF form submissions has never been this easier before the introduction of JotForm PDF Editor. Go into the preview mode and toggle on the screen to access the print, share and Download toolbar. The JotForm PDF Editor will convert the responses into a PDF attachment which can be emailed to your colleagues.

Enable Password protection:

Do you want to limit the viewing of PDF form submissions to a chosen number of pupils only? JotForm PDF Editor’s password protection feature is a sweet treat for you in this regard. Simply open the editing window and scroll down to the password protection option. Enable it and set the privacy settings as you prefer to enjoy limited sharing of PDF forms with selective users.

Scalable integrations:

JotForm PDF Editor is a complete package of functionality and convenience. By using this tool, you can easily share the PDF form responses via DropBox, Google mail, Google Sheets and Box. These functional integrations level up the degree of convenience and time-saving JotForm PDF Editor has to offer to its users.

Add Electronic signatures:

Take out the hassle of manually adding signatures on each and every form response by switching to automated Electronic Signature addition featured in JotForm PDF Editor. By using this feature, you can authenticate the PDF form submissions which you receive before forwarding them to your clients or using them for other purposes.


Try JotForm PDF Editor today!

Users who are struggling with the clunky process of converting document responses into PDF formats are the ones to especially benefit from JotForm PDF Editor. With a myriad of amazing features, JotForm PDF Editor is the ultimate tool which you need to step into a world of streamlined workflow management and communication. Try it today for free!

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