Make your website in under 10 minutes

Make website under 10 minutes

21st Century is the time for the 21st Industrial Revolution, and almost every business is shutting down its doors for books, pen, and paper. The world is going digital, and having an online presence, not only makes it easier for you to reach your customers, but it also makes it easier for them to reach you, that too without any much ado. Now having a website, will take a lot of time, money and resources.

The traditional website making method requires you to spend a lot of time if you decide to do it yourself or money if you decide to hire a web development company.

But say no to worries, say no to those hefty sums lumping developers. Because the world is completely going smart, and so should you. You can create your own website, without the help of any developer, that too, in under 10 minutes. Yes, you read that right. You can have your own website in under 10 minutes.

Now there are two options available for you to follow, either you can go for the paid ones, where you make your website, simply just by drag and drop, and pay to get a custom domain of your own choice or you can go to a free one, which will restrict you to use the service provider’s name with your website.

The choice is yours. Of course, there are Pros and Cons, for both of these paths. But here, we are going to discuss the free one. So let’s jump into the top 5 platforms, where you can have your website, up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Google Sites

Now, who doesn’t want an easy to use, simple to manage, quick to create a platform to create their website? Google launched Google Sites in the year 2008, to make website creation a bit Fun, creative and easy to manage. The best functionality of Google Sites is, that it is simple Drag & Drop. Google Sites does not provide high-end graphics or themes. But yes, it does provide an exquisite, stylish and sober look to your website. And that quality brings Google Sites to the top of our list.


Released in 2003, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which uses PHP, paired with MariaDB or MySQL database. It is the most actively maintained open-source CMS that allows you to create your website within a couple of minutes.

WordPress supports a large range of Frameworks, plugins, and templates/themes. Although WordPress is a simple to use CMS, one needs to remain very careful while using it to make their website as new users usually end up using insecure WordPress Free Themes.

Just purchase hosting and domain then install WordPress on it. Most web hosting sites like offer 1-click WordPress Installation, which allows you to install WordPress without any hassle.

Fact: is also made using WordPress.


Founded in 2006, it just took 3 years to hit 1 Million user mark. Wix is one of that website creating-platform, which allows its users to select from a very high range of themes, color schemas and what not. is one of the leading site generating platform that makes its user base very high and creative. Wix would be best for your use if you wish to create your online presence. Mainly, educational institutions, charitable organizations and musical bands use the services of to match their


CMS Joomla, one of the biggest competitors of WordPress.  It is also an open-source CMS. Joomla is built on the model–view–controller web application framework. It also uses PHP, and OOP Techniques and stores data in MySQL, MS SQL or PostgreSQL databases.


Drupal is one of the most widely used and easy to access, Content Management System that allows you to get your job done with exquisite design and thematic layouts. It is one of the few Open Source Content Management System. You can create anything from scratch, be it for your business, personal blogs, cooking website, educational institute or anything else.

Other free Website Platforms

  • Yola
  • Jimdo
  • Intuit websites
  • Weebly
  • Mozello
  • SimpleSite

If you’re having trouble setting up your site, you can contact Thetic Solutions to have them setup your website in short time for a small fee.

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