Data Center Predictions 2019

 The data center industry has been a constant part of our world (whether we know it or not). And with the rise of more powerful technology every year, the need for data centers continues to grow.

Just like current athletes getting bigger, stronger, and faster, the personal computers, phones, smart watches, and all parts of technology that are being produced are getting more powerful. All of the data we produce goes into data centers.

With that being said, data centers are continuing to evolve to keep up with all of the data being produced. This article will look at the future of the data center industry and see what’s in store for 2019 and beyond.


Edge Computing

Edge computing is another fairly recent technology advancement that will continue to change the way data centers operate. Edge computing works by adding additional locations between the data center/cloud and the user. It acts as a gateway connection point, which makes the connection stronger. This helps processing speeds because not everything is coming directly from the data center or the device.

Data centers will see a major change because of Edge networking. Micro-data centers will be built into existing towers and will hand data comparable to the way current data centers manage data. These smaller data centers will be closer to businesses, which will fix latency issues. This new system won’t cancel each other out. Edge networks (micro-data centers), the cloud, and current data centers will all work together to make the world’s connectivity stronger and faster. Edge networking will also take advantage of the Internet of Things.


5G Will Arrive in 2019

Data is already processing at extremely high rates and will continue to go on this trajectory. The need for improved data transfer speed, reliability, and connectivity will be a must. 5G networks can help with these needs. 5G is already being used for home Internet services by Verizon and will start 5G mobile networks sometime in the beginning of 2019.

5G networks will most likely bring in more edge-based systems as well. This method will decrease latency and support higher speeds expected from the new network. People living in more isolated areas will benefit from Edge systems the most.

Because of its projected speed, there is a great chance that 5G networks will reshape the way data centers are built in the future. Artificial Intelligence could be a big part of these 5G networks as well.

Artificial Intelligence

Some data centers have already implemented artificially intelligent elements to improve energy efficiency, but we predict artificially intelligent data centers will become more of a norm. Google’s use of AI has already been able to cut down their energy bill by 40 percent. Artificial intelligence is also being used to optimize servers and for security purposes as well. Deep learning enables AI to use predictive analysis to help distribute workloads.

With the advancements in technology, it seems as though AI will continue to become a solution to help data centers go forth into the future. The use of AI will especially grow when it comes to the use of predictive analytics and statistical algorithms to guarantee the best way to run a data center. Managing security, temperature, ventilation, and other hazards can be made easy with AI.

In the future, instead of actual people, artificially intelligent data center managers will operate data centers. This could potentially save companies several hundred thousand dollars. The company, LitBit, has already introduced Dac, the first AI-powered data center operator. Dac uses an Internet of Things type of system that will help recognize any problems within a data center. This includes any cooling system problems, loose electric wires, and even water leaks.


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will improve data center operations by optimizing the flow, security, storage requirements, and access capabilities. The use of IoT can help data center managers’ jobs easier. IoT can manage everyday tasks such as patching, updating, monitoring, and configuration. It can also help data centers become more environment friendly by automatically finding the best settings for all operations. IoT is quickly infiltrating our everyday lives, but it will also make data management more efficient and effective as well.


Moving forward towards advancement

2019 will bring much advancement to the data center industry, and at the pace at which we are consuming technology, we will need these innovations to keep up with our lives. 5G networks, Edge computing, and Artificial Intelligence are all amazing improvements that will help keep the world connected. But I also predict these advancements won’t be the only ones we see. What do you think the next big innovation will be?



This article was written by Michael Isberto. Isberto is the Blog Director and a Content Writer for Colocation America. He received his B.A. in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Public Relations at CSUSB. Isberto is a Communication professional with additional experience in Public Relations, Marketing, and Social Media.

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    Great article! In the coming years, the focus should be on increased security for valuable customer data, particularly in a world full of bad players who now possess all abilities to manipulate the acquired information. Without evolution in security protocols; one that can withstand even the toughest breaches, all advancements will be futile.


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