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If you’re a WhatsApp user then you probably made the mistake of sending a message to the wrong person at least once in your lifetime. In some cases, it can be messages sent intentionally to the right person but instantly regretting after sending it. Yup, we’ve all been there. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this anymore as WhatsApp now allows you to delete WhatsApp messages from other phone so that you don’t have to spend the whole day worrying about the outcome after the person reads your WhatsApp message.

WhatsApp already allows you to delete WhatsApp messages from your own phone, but not the other phone. So if you sent any embarrassing or incriminating message, chances are you’ll have to live with it forever – unless you manage to find a way to delete the message of their phone. There is a popular way to hijack WhatsApp account through WhatsApp Web, but why go through all that trouble?

The feature named “ Delete for Everyone “ has been rumored for a very long time and most demanded feature by users. This only works if both you and the user you sent the message to have the latest WhatsApp version. The feature allows you to delete any sort of message such as ordinary texts, images, videos, GIFs, voice notes, files, location, quoted messages and status/story replies on WhatsApp.

Precautions to take when you delete Whatsapp Messages from other phone


As the feature is new, majority of the WhatsApp users don’t have it. You don’t need to worry about what OS you have, as the procedure is same for iOS, Windows and Android smartphones. Yet there are a few precautions you must take, which are:

  • Everyone who you sent the message to must have the updated version of WhatsApp in order for this feature to work. If you delete a message from group chat, chances are it won’t delete for half of them as most users don’t tend to update as quickly.
  • If the delete doesn’t work, you won’t be notified in ANY WAY. Hence it’s best not to rely on this feature for now. You can expect to rely on it after a few months maybe when everyone has been forced to update to the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Make sure to delete as quick as possible before they’re able to read the message. Do bear in mind, there may be chances your message may have already been read before it was already deleted.
  • You only have a window of SEVEN MINUTES to delete the message. WhatsApp decided that’s the best amount of time to delete a message sent by mistake hence if you’re reading this because you want to delete a specific WhatsApp message as fast as you can, I suggest you carry on reading!

How to delete WhatsApp messages from other phone


  • Open the chat of the person whose message you want to delete.


Delete whatsapp messages from the other phone step 1


  • Find the message you want to delete and hold onto them. You may also select several messages at a time


Delete whatsapp messages from the other phone step 2


  • You should see a new dialog box. Make sure to press “ Delete for Everyone “


Delete whatsapp messages from the other phone step 3



After you’ve deleted the message, you should see the text “ You deleted this message “ which unfortunately, can be seen by the user on the other phone as well. Now all that’s left to do is think of a great excuse to use when they ask why you deleted the message.

The feature isn’t perfect as it doesn’t let you know whether you were able to actually delete whatsapp message from other phone or not. But the bright side is this feature has been finally implemented and will fully be functional within few months when everyone has updated their WhatsApp

How to delete WhatsApp messages from other phone on WhatsApp Web: No need to panic if you’re using WhatsApp on PC, as the procedure is the same. All you’ve to do is click on the arrow key next to the message and then click ” Delete “.

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