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JotForm is a San Francisco based online form builder which allows you to create elegant customized forms. Whether you want to create online forms for data collection or want to register your employees for an event- Jotform has got it all covered for you. With JotForm there is nothing stopping you from collecting your much-needed data or submitting your homework tasks on-the-go.

JotForm is the pioneer online form builder and here are all the reasons why it beats some of the most competitive designing software available online:

Hassle-free Online Builder That Makes Your Creativity Become A Reality

Designing customized forms and creating cards has never been easier than by using JotForm. This online form builder is specifically designed to reduce the hassle and hours of frustration designers must face in the creation of customized cards.

Thanks to the evolution of the Internet, we’ve many tools which allow you to get job done faster without much hassle or learning such as website builders that allow you to create websites in minutes. JotForm solves the problem for the entire designing enthusiast out there.

By offering a simple “drag and drop” customization method, JotForm facilitates you in the creation of yourself-customized cards and forms like no other. You can design catchy event tickets and wholesome survey forms by making use of this effortless online form builder.

JotForm Preview


Sessions Automatically Save:

JotForm has a handy auto-save feature. Whilst creating the forms I faced network blockage. I was afraid of losing all my hard work until I came to realize JotForm lets you access to the previously unsaved sessions in case of sudden network loss. JotForm has an advantage over usual form designing services due to its offline efficiency. The service allows you to access your previously done work even if you fail or forget to save it.


100% Smartphone friendly:

The feature which has allowed JotForm to stand out from a tumultuous crowd of online form designing software is its smartphone compatibility. This feature has helped many users to access JotForm from iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets and personal computers.

Not only is JotForm Smartphone friendly, but also it has maximum industrial integrations with Stripe, Square, Salesforce, Excel, and more.  Unlike the common glitchy designing software, JotForm is a clutter-free designing solution which lets you create cards, forms, and invitations on the go.


Unlimited creativity:

JotForm offers an exclusive opportunity for users to save and organize their good work in an orderly manner. It means that you can create your forms without having to fear about the suggestions or unauthorized changes proposed by any outside party. All the designs are saved in an organized manner and you can select the best one out of all.

Create online form with JotForm

Design without limitations:

Are you tired of being confined in front of your computer’s screen just to create and submit the small homework tasks? Don’t worry! JotForm is here to save the day. For people who like to enjoy added mobility in their life and like to perform their tasks on-the-go, JotForm features a highly user-friendly and smartphone-friendly app.

The glitch-free JotForm app runs smoothly on mobile phones and makes the creation of widgets and submission of payments no less than breezy tasks. By featuring group editing, JotForm also brings an exclusive opportunity for users to collaborate with other designers for the creation of a mutually agreed upon form or card.

JotForm colloboration

Create, customize, Publish:

With JotForm, creation and customization do not come to an end. Got an idea to design a catchy event invitation? Create it away with JotForm cards. Want to customize your already saved designs? Modify it in a matter of minutes by using the pre-saved JotForm templates.

With JotForm, all you need to have to create an online form are ideas and relevant information. JotForm will take care of the rest on-spot for you. The fun of creation does not stop here as JotForm also allows you to publish your creations in a matter of seconds.

JotForm online form creator

Select from several templates and themes:

To save me the trouble of undergoing long hours of researching and selecting the right template and theme for my cards, JotForm offered a good reserve of the pre-uploaded/pre-saved classic template and card templates along with classic themes and card themes. You can ogle through a plethora of designs, themes and formats to finally pick your favorite selection. Everything is pre-written on the templates to give you an idea of how the design will proceed. You can instantly create your desired cards, forms and invitations by making simple textual changes on the already saved templates featured in the JotForm. The design, alignment and shapes of buttons in the template can also be customized.

Create surveys with JotForm

Preview your work:

JotForm recognizes the need for a designer to preview its work. To save you from the frustration of wondering, JotForm offers you an opportunity to preview your online creations once you have finalized them. By making use of this feature, users can view their work and make necessary changes which the recipient may require. JotForm is an all-inclusive online card and form builder which focuses on the delivery of detailed designs by offering users a chance to preview and re-evaluate their work.


Instant uploading:

While some of the instantly created online forms do not require any addition of official emblems and references, most of the official cards and survey forms do. To compensate the need of attachment of logos and company information in the customized cards, invitations and forms, JotForm features an instant “Upload” option. This feature allows you to upload an incorporate your brand or company’s logo instantly into your online designs.

JotForm branding

Attractive pricing

JotForm believes in the notion that art is an everyone’s right and therefore, it has ensured the affordability of its services to all kinds of users through its attractive prices. JotForm offers you annual or monthly payment options to avail the top-class JotForm service packages. Now, you can create innovative cards and build comprehensive forms without having to pay an arm and leg to professional designers.

JotForm pricing


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JotForm is an extensive online form builder which encompasses the basic and advanced designing requirements of customized cards, surveys, tickets, invitations and award labels. Get your hands today on this top-notch online card creator to get aboard on a never-before-seen journey of card designing and customization.

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