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Have you ever been nominated as the creativity group’s design leader? Or have you ever desired to try your luck in professional design making? If yes, you can relate to the trouble of finding a suitable designing and editing tool. Bid farewell to the long hours of online research. Introducing Fotor; a simple yet powerful online photo editor, collage maker and graphic designing tool. From letting you follow the latest graphic design trends 2019 to offering you a myriad of design and editing elements, this online editing and designing tool is all you need to stun your colleagues and competitors.

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Powerful photo editing

Do you love adding your personal touch to pictures? Fancy a detour into a world of amazing photo editing tools and stunning effects? If yes, Fotor is a must-try for you. The image editing tools feature a complete stack of options including photo retouching, crop, rotate, fine-tune, picture effects, color, and red-eye corrections, vignette and curve adjustments, a range of picture frames and much more! Once you are done with editing, simply save your file in JPG, PNG or PDF formats. You can also export them with a single click!

Instant portrait retouching

Portrait retouching is a breeze with Fotor’s professional portrait retouching tools. Remove wrinkles, reshape photos, correct red-eye, whiten teeth and remediate blemishes with Fotor’s range of portrait retouching and beauty enhancement tools. Don’t forget to check out Fotor’s Professional HDR tools to add the cherry on top!


Striking design templates

Whether you are a blogger, an advertiser, a social media manager or a digital marketer, the role of professionally designed posts, covers, banners, posters, and relevant material are essential to running effective marketing campaigns. Striking designs on professional templates attract readers like nothing else. From setting dimensions and picking templates of your choice to mix and matching design elements and adding font styles, Fotor lets you create professional designs within seconds!

Exciting collage maker

Collage making is an art. Anyone who loves to reminiscence over the past days and stores the memories captured through lens must allow himself to be smothered in Fotor’s collage-love! From presenting your time frames in an easy-to-understand manner to cherishing the moments spent with your loved ones, Fotor’s collage maker can assist you in every way you can think of! Choose from a range of collage templates and mix and match different graphic elements to create unique collages!

Tons of graphic elements

Love playing with different font styles and stickers? Fotor has a bag of treats in store for you! Skim through a collection of frequently updated icons, exclusive stickers and striking design elements to change and upgrade the vibe of your design with simple drag and drop functions. Indulge yourself in a dramatic representation of different design elements and font styles to become the master of your own skill set.


Free export

Are you frustrated with exporting poor quality designs? Are most photo editing tools ruining your work during the process of exporting? Say goodbye to paid, time-taking and quality-damaging file exports as Fotor brings you the easiest, free design exports. Speed up your photo editing, collage making and designing projects with Fotor’s free and speedy exporting options.


No more watermarks

Almost all the online photo editing and designing tools add the watermark when the user exports final designs. However, this is not the case with Fotor. Once you have signed up, the tool lets you export high-quality designs and final images without any brand watermark. Enjoy the convenience of using amazing collages, enhanced images and professional designs without the hassle of removing the watermark. It is as professional as it gets!


Video tutorials and guides:

No more complex design courses! No more intimidating photoshop tools! As simple as Fotor is to use, the online photo editor and collage maker lets beginners learn the professional designing tricks with the simplest tutorials and guides. Fotor is filled with a wealth of quick design tutorials and comprehensive articles; all instructing you on how to master the things about designing and editing. All you need to do is sign up and browse through a range of tutorials to find the one which helps you out the most!

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Fotor is a one-stop design and editing solution to all your digital creativity obstacles. The online tool has the potential to blow your mind with its stunning functions. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Sign up for Fotor to step on a breathtaking journey of creativity today!

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