Does the Sonic Mouse Repellent Technology Work in Principle?



Driving away rodents and cockroaches with ultrasound makes sense in principle because they do hear a wider range of sounds than humans, but hearing them doesn’t mean they are frightened.


Problems and their causes:

Ultrasound has two characteristics: first, fast attenuation; second, poor penetration. This means that Ultrasound cannot pass through the barrier behind which rodent and cockroaches are living in the hidden corners. Therefore, transmission efficiency is greatly discounted.

Products bought on the market have a relatively small amplitude and power. The devices also have an open mouth, so they can only transmit sound in one direction. Consequently, the sound is in small energy and narrow range and the effect is certainly not good.


How does Sonic Mouse Repellent work?

Theoretically, the sonic mouse repellent is to use the rodents¡¯ characteristics through which they can emit and receive ultrasonic waves. When rodents hear this ultrasonic interference, they instantly get repelled from it. At present, most studies also show that the ultrasonic rodent repellent has a repelling effect on rodents.


Actual results:

Although the sonic mouse repellent has a certain effect under the experimental conditions, the actual effect is often transient because rodents are easy to attain adaptability. When rodents are familiar with the ultrasonic waves produced by the sonic mouse repellent, they will no longer work. Moreover, most of the ultrasound emitted by rodent repellents is continuous and uninterrupted, which is quite different from that emitted by rodents in the natural environment.

Therefore, the current sonic mouse repellent is not effective and has not been widely applied.


NEW Sonic Rodent Repellent to the Rescue:

The advent of rodent control equipment has led to the launch of Sonic Rodent Repellent product in the market. The product is mainly used to repel rodents and mosquitoes, and also has certain inhibitory effects on cockroaches, ants, spiders, crickets, bedbugs, fleas and so on. The product can be applied to various families, warehouses, shops, and other places, and its effective range can reach 160 square meters.


How does Sonic Rodent Repellent work?

The sonic rodent repellent is made up of the power button, oscillator, piezoelectric buzzer, and light source. The piezoelectric buzzer will produce a periodic continuous frequency of ultrasonic, a certain range of intensity of sound pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of repelling rodents. Rodents have light resistance in nature, thus it forces the rodents to run away from the source of light. The transmission characteristics of a mechanical waves are combines with the use of technical means to send out longitudinal and transverse mechanical wave. This increases the distance of sound propagation making it travel farther, penetrate stronger through barriers and expanding its effective area. Consequently, the repellent effect is strengthened.


Improved Sonic Rodent repellent:

From the above description, we can see that the main function of the product is to produce sound waves to achieve the effect of repelling rats. Its light source is there only to help in enhancing the effect of repelling rats. The product emits ultrasonic waves, and scientists call the number of vibrations per second the frequency of sound, in Hertz (Hz). The frequency of sound we can hear in human ears is 20Hz-20000Hz. Therefore, the sound wave at frequencies higher than 20000 Hz is called ultrasonic wave. The different frequencies lead to different definitions, including

  • 30-150 Hz for the low-frequency band
  • 150-500 Hz for the mid-frequency band
  • 500-5 kHz for the high-frequency band, 5 K-16 KHz for the high-frequency

It can be clearly seen that the ultrasound belongs to the high-frequency band.


Company Profile:

Guangdong Shenzhen Jian Feng Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of Hong Kong Jian Lin International Group Co., Ltd. located in the forefront of reform and opening up – Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The company was founded in March 2003. In a short period of time, it rapidly grew into a strong and professional company which integrated scientific research, production, and sales.

The company condenses the spirit of high-tech means and humanistic care, adhering to “promotion of health, rich life” company philosophy and actively creating a beautiful, practical new generation of environmental protection products. The main products are electronic pest repellent (mouse) with national patent, cockroach repellent, mosquito repellent, digital meridian therapeutic apparatus, far infrared massage stick, sleep therapeutic apparatus and other environmental protection high-tech products.


Gigantic market for Rodent Repellents:

Take rodent repellents for example most of Southeast Asia and other countries are in the tropics. In this region, rats, cockroaches, and other pests are found throughout the year. Especially in India, Thailand, Vietnam, where the rodent population accounts for about 40% of the world’s population (including China). With the exception of 20% of China’s population, there will also be millions of sales. What a big market!

For example, selling a product with a profit of only $1. In a wide market, it would also be a very impressive number. And anyone who can grasp the market will gain very much wealth from this product.



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