Earn money online without investment from homeEarn money online without investment from home

Earning has always remained a focal point of our society and for many, it is the prime purpose of gaining an education. Thanks to the digital transformation around the world, you can easily earn money online without investment from home.

This practice is exponentially gaining momentum and making us free of corporate work hours. Gone are the days of 9 to 5 jobs or having to listen to your boss’s orders and to wait till the end of the month to take home your monthly salary.

In this article, we will be discussing some befitting ways you can earn cash online without having to invest a single penny, followed by some pros and cons.

What do you need to earn money online without investment from home?

You can start earning from home in many ways, e.g. if you are a good cook, you can sell your homemade food, if you are a painter, you can sell your paintings from home and many more. But all these practices would eventually require some sort of monetary investment before you can start doing business.

But in order to earn online from the comfort of your own home, all you need is a laptop/desktop computer and an internet connection along with some digital skills and a great hand of knowledge about those skills.

How to get started to earn money online without investment from home?

1. Freelancing

When it comes to online earning, you must’ve already heard about freelancing before. Freelancing, or selling your services online is a great way to earn money from home if you know some digital skills, such as content writing, graphics designing, web development, etc.

Earn money online without investment from home by Freelancing

Online freelance platforms, such as Fiverr and others like UpWork, Freelancer.com and Guru act as hubs for selling or buying freelancing services online. Apart from these freelance platforms, you can also search for ‘Freelance groups’ on Facebook and join them to help you get clients.

Freelancing is the most widely used method to earn money online without investment from home. However, getting started on freelancing can be confusing and frustrating especially when you’re a beginner.

Here some tips to follow when starting out with Freelancing in the beginning:

  • Make sure to focus on ONE freelancing platform only at a time, instead of focusing on all and getting nothing in return. I personally recommend Fiverr as it’s beginner friendly and easier to get clients when compared with other Freelancing platforms.
  • First impression is the last impression. When setting up your freelance profile, make sure to upload a professional display picture of yourself and include RELEVANT information on your profile that supports the services you offer. e.g.: if you offer web development services, you can mention your experience & projects you’ve done so far.

2. Blogging

Starting your own blog or your personal website comes 2nd on our list of most feasible options to earn money from home without investment. For this, all you need is a concept to write about, an idea, a theme, an internet connection, and a laptop.

Earn money online without investment from home by Blogging

If you want to create a blog without investing a single dime, it’s best you start from WordPress.com or Blogger.com.

The sites mentioned above will host your blog for FREE. However, this comes with limitations such as not having full control over your blog, no custom domain etc. Initially, this shouldn’t be something to worry about as you can shift your website later on.

Fact: Thetic Blog itself started on Blogger.com before its Founder decided to shift to using WordPress & buying hosting + domain from One.com.

Getting started with a blog is very simple: Just create your website, select a niche/subject you’re passionate about and start writing. Although blogging is a slow process, it’s good long term as blogging is a good form of passive income.

After you’ve started gaining good amount of audience, you can monetize your blog & start earning from the blog through advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsorships etc.

3. Doing Surveys

One of the biggest heaven to earn money online without investment from home is attempting surveys.

Earn money online without investment from home by doing Surveys

Websites such as: SurveyJunkie, MySurvey, InboxDollars, Toluna Opinions, Opinion Outpost and many more, offer you money, gift cards, and other perks just for filling out the survey forms or providing them reviews about certain products.

4. Virtual Assistance

With the rise of startups, Virtual Assistant jobs are on the rise due to startup founders who are too busy to perform specific tasks or can’t afford to hire full time employees.

Earn money online without investment from home by virtual assistance

Virtual Assistants are people with skills of office assistants, doing, managing or creating all the work remotely. This way, people with certain medical conditions or boundaries can easily lend their services to different firms and earn money online without investment from home.

5. Translating

Being in a society, where it is mandatory for us to learn at least two to three languages, being a multilingual person can really pay you off. And that’s why working as a translator has ranked up to 6th in our list of earn money online without investment from home. This job generally refers to taking assignments, documents mostly, given in one language, and are needed to be translated into another language.

You can easily find such jobs from freelance platforms such as Fiverr or from Facebook freelance groups.

6. Online Teaching/Selling Online Courses

As Confucius said: “if you learn something, teach it to someone”. This quotation completely fits in the 21st-century scenario, where knowledge is not bound by 4 walls of the classroom or confined in books.

It’s also said that the best way to retain knowledge is to teach it to others.

Earn money online from home by online teaching

If you want to teach something but don’t have the resources to teach them e.g.: classroom to accommodate all the students, then tutoring online is a great way to fill both the need, earning, as well as teaching and can save you travel expenses.

If you want to teach a student personally, then best ways would be to use a video calling software such as Skype or Zoom to teach.

If you want to teach online but want your material to reach a wide range of audience then you can either upload your videos to Youtube and monetize them via AdSense


Upload your lectures at eLearning websites, such as Coursera, Udacity & Udemy and charge per purchase.

7. Through Social Media

Social media websites have become one of the most adamant and most widely used websites over the internet. Even nowadays, companies have started hiring/recruiting people using their social media handles.

If you wish to earn money online without investment from home, social media can be a pretty much viable option. You can do so, by applying to become social media manager for a company by reaching out to the company via their social media and proposing how you can help


By making your own social network channels and growing them so that companies start contacting you to promote their own products.

8. Web Development

If you know certain skills in web development, but can’t find a job, it is not an issue in today’s world of modern technology. You can earn money online without investment from home just by doing, what you know – which is developing websites for others.

Good way to get clients for web development are:

  • Search for websites that are outdated or have bad user interface and then send an email to them about how you can make their website better & how it would benefit them. (e.g.: increased sales, increased traffic, better design etc.)
  • Search for companies via social media that don’t have a website and convince them that they should get a website built and how you can help them.
  • Reach out to local businesses in your area via social network or your own local network such as friends, relatives etc.
  • Sign up on freelance sites such as Fiverr or Upwork.

9. YouTube

Making videos, be it of any type. They can be funny, How-to, inspirational, technical, motivational videos or live game streaming, Youtube is one of the biggest resources for earning from home without any type of investment and best of all, a great passive income source.

Earn cash online by using YouTube

For that, all you would need is some good content, some unique ideas, a YouTube account, and you are done. Now you can upload your video. But you would certainly need 1k subscribers on your channel before you can start earning.

10. Pay To Click Websites

Would you believe if I tell you that you can earn money online without investment from home just by clicking? Well, there are some websites over the internet that can pay you if you just keep clicking on the said things on those websites.

Platforms such as Neobux, PrizeRebel, Clixsense, InboxDollars, Scarlet-Clicks, Heedyou, Paidverts, Makeculous and many more offer such services.

11. Writing an eBook

If you know a subject very well you can write an eBook on it and sell it to others. Similarly to teaching, people will want to buy your eBook with the purpose to learn something or as a source of entertainment – depending on what you write about.

In today’s era, self publishing is on the rise and this is the best time ever to publish your own book ONLINE. After writing the eBook you can either sell it yourself directly or publish it on eBook marketplaces such as Amazon for others to buy.

Other simple ways to earn money online without investment from home:

  • Consulting
  • Uploading Podcasts
  • Data Entry
  • Affiliate marketing

Where to find work online?

Having decided which work would you do to earn money online without investment from home. The second step is to know where to find work online. You can find work online by several methods and platforms including social media platforms.

Websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer or other freelancing platforms are great for helping you find clients however it can be hard to get started on them and they also charge commission for every sale you make.

How to receive online payments?

Receiving money from clients can be a hurdle, especially when they’re not living in the same country as you or if you’re living in a country with limited digital payment methods.

I personally use Payoneer for receiving payments from clients as it’s simple & secure. Other payment methods you might consider using are PayPal, Xoom, Western Union etc.

Pros & Cons of Working or Earning Online from Home

Pros Cons
Own Schedule Distractions
More savings due to reduced expense House Chores
Family Time Less Networking
Worktime Flexibility No support
Multitasking Laxity
Freedom of Choice Dependent on the Internet



Depending on what work you can do, and whether you are a team player or not. One must carefully choose between the two options, either to be a 9 to 5 person or to be self employed. You can choose between the two. And decide for yourself, what work would best suit your skill set.

Apart from Freelancing, most of the points mentioned above can help you earn passive income by just investing your time initially and seeing money come in without you having to do much effort later on.

As Warren Buffet said ” Never depend on a single income source “. Even if you’ve a full time job, it’s recommended to earn income on the side through the points mentioned above and as well do job.



Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no additional cost cost to you.


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