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TeenyOffice Travel CRM

Are you looking for a smart management plan for your travel agency? Or are you an independent travel agent looking to expand your business? Whatever may be the case, TeenyOffice is the best Customer Relationship Management software for host agencies, travel agencies and independent travel agents. Let’s take a look at all the aspects that make it so great:

Designed by travel agents

What makes TeenyOffice so special is that it’s the only software that has been designed solely for travel agents by travel agent themselves. The designers of this software are those who understand the data collection, marketing and accounting needs of travel agents better than anyone else. Impeccable levels of user-ease and compatibility; your first few reasons for subscribing with TeenyOffice today!

Everything in one place

Say goodbye to the days when you had to purchase and use separate software for client database, marketing, accounting and invoicing! These modern times are all set to make your work simpler by offering a smart platform which answers all of your Customer Relationship Management problems at a single place.

Keep a check on your business events

One of the best features of TeenyOffice is that it lets you take a glance at your business’s daily, weekly, and monthly performance: your sales, your payments due, the departure of guests and much more. Forget the trouble of skimming through stacks of files and multiple types of software to track your performance and check for payments, as everything is displayed on a single screen whenever you need it.

Automatic notifications for regular guests

What the software also does is that it boosts your connection with your regular guests and sends them an automatic birthday, bon voyage, or welcome home wishes. It also keeps them automatically notified about the payment due dates, deposits and sales process without troubling you for anything.

Maintains individual client history

What’s also great is that it will maintain individual client history including quotes, travel history and email history for any future requirements.

Creates reports

TeenyOffice also creates customized reports for you pertaining to the sales of your agency, sales of individual agents, and due commissions. You may select to view the reports by date for the sales, dates for departure and dates for booking.

Resourceful library

To add to the endless list of features, TeenyOffice also maintains a resourceful library for you. This library will hold vendor contacts, vendor websites, booking links, airport codes, cruise lines, deck plans, and much more.

Suitable for all sizes of agencies

Whether you’re a small agency with only up to 10 agents, a medium sized agency from 11 to 25 agents or a large agency from 26 to 100 agents, you will find a suitable management plan for your company at very attractive prices.

Subscribe today and enjoy streamlined CRM with TeenyOffice!

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to boost up your sales? Check out our website and find out more about our management plans. For subscription contact info@teenyoffice.com or call 917-309-2869


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