Enjoy single-click bill payments with the revolutionary Doxo

Remembering to pay the bill on the very last day and then panicking before it’s too late: sounds familiar? Never will you ever need to go through something of the likes again with the all-new bill payment app, doxo. With up to 45,000 billers included in a single app, it would be completely fair to call it the biggest billing network.

Your bill payments are just a click away!

In today’s busy world, it is as crucial to streamline day-to-day chores as it is to gain a control on social media. With doxo, there is no need to keep track of your long list of bill payments and their due dates now that you have the most secure app to dump your worries on. Still not convinced? Why don’t we take a look at all the attractive reasons as to why doxo is the way to go!

All in one place

When using doxo, you don’t need to go to individual biller websites to make the payments. All your bills are managed with a single account using a single password. You would understand how easier it would be to manage a single account for all your bill payments instead of an entire list.


Multiple forms of payments

Since doxo supports all forms of payments, you are at complete liberty to choose whichever form of payment you find comfort in. Transfer through a bank account, credit card, or debit card- all these forms of payments are supported by the highly versatile doxo. Certain payment methods, however, may not be acceptable for certain billers.

Payment Reminders

Keeping a mental reminder of all your due payments can be a cumbersome task. Why not keep your mind free for more important things and let the app manage all your billing stuff? With reminders and email alerts, doxo lets you keep track of all your bill payments in a much more convenient fashion. It will remind you of the due dates and lets you schedule the payments on time entirely removing any possibility of a miss.


Safe and secure

Doxo strives to take the best of the security measures to keep your account safe. It is a far better option to manage one secure account instead of putting your trust in a series of biller websites. Besides, with the help of its state-of-art fraud detection software, you can rest by feeling assured that all your payments are secure.

Payment history

Bill management has never been better than it is with doxo. It will keep a record of all your payments, managing the entire bill history so you can keep a track of your payments. Say, your cell phone bills are higher this month, you are notified instantly since you have the entire history right before you.

Download doxo now and enjoy single-click bill payments!

So, are you now convinced that doxo is the best bill payment app?  If you are, welcome to the community of 50k+ users who are already enjoying the many benefits of this app! Let’s not waste any more time! Download it in your phone now and never miss to pay your bills again.

Kinza Zaheer

Writer at Thetic Blog.

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