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Is it a .bmp image which you need converted to .jpg before uploading it on a website? Or is it a .doc file which you want converted to .pdf before submitting an assignment? Whatever the case may be, you can count on OnlineConvertFree to convert your files to any file format you wish! Pretty much like a genie, no?

Online Convert Free

Documents, images, audio, books, archives- Online Convert Free handles it all

If you use the internet even a little bit, you will know that there are tons of websites out there. These include file converter services and websites which offer limited degree file conversion, such as, pdf2word convertor. Now, you may be wondering what makes Online Convert Free so different? Let’s look at all the reasons that make this free converter stand out among all other file conversion tools:


It’s a 5-in-1 conversion tool:

OnlineConvertFree is the only location where you will find all sorts of file conversions in one place. This website isn’t single file conversion software; rather it is a 5-in-1 file conversion tool. How so? It is a:

Online document converter – offers support for 54 document file formats.

Online image converter – offers support for 94 image file formats.

Online audio converter – offers support for 12 audio file formats.

Online books converter – offers support for 7 book files formats.

Online archive converter – offers support for 9 archive file formats.


Smart file recognition:

Although it is 5 file converters in one, you don’t have to go to the suitable online converter tool pages on your own. You just have to upload the file on the website. The website is programmed to recognize the file type and take you to the appropriate tool itself. It will give you a bunch of possible formats that the file can be converted to depending on which category it falls in. You simply select the desired format and wait for this free converter to do the rest of the magic.

Online Convert Free

Fast file conversions:

It might even be the fastest file converter online. No ads, no pop-ups or anything to delay your work. It cuts right to the chase and converts your file with just a single click. Don’t believe us? Try giving it a heavy file; it won’t even take 30 seconds to convert it to any format you choose.


Free file conversions:

Did we mention it’s free? Yes, not even any hidden charges, it is completely free of cost. No matter how many files you convert or how heavy they are or what format they need to be converted to, you can enjoy it free of cost.

Online Convert Free

Support for 14 languages:

Do you face trouble in understanding English? No worries. This online convertor offers support for 14 languages besides English. Just select a suitable language from the top right corner and go about the rest of your business smoothly.


Bookmark OnlineConvertFree today to solve your file conversion problems!

Looks like you’ve headed right to onlineconvertfree to complete all your pending file conversion work. If you’re still here, well what’s with the wait? Head right to the website, bookmark it so you won’t have to juggle between crappy file conversion tools whenever you want a file converted. Online Convert Free will complete just about any kind of file conversion task for you with the click of a button.

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