Facebook planning to launch Self Destructing messages like Snapchat

Word has it that Facebook is planning to launch a feature for Facebook messenger which allows your message to disappear or we can say self destruct (just to make it sound more cool) after the person has done reading it, a feature similar to the social network Snapchat or similar to the technology they use in Mission Impossible. Although Facebook has a far more userbase (about 6 billion) than Snapchat yet they’re still unhappy and want to impress Snapchat users in a attempt to steal Snapchat’s userbase. Facebook did try buy Snapchat for 3 billion dollars but they refused, hence the saying ” If you can’t buy em, copy em! “

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facebook planning to launch self destructing messages like snapchat social network news

UPDATE(6/10/16): Facebook launched encryption and self destruct messages for users on Facebook Messenger. Read about it how you can use it by clicking here

This isn’t the first time Facebook has tested similar features as Facebook has already released a similar feature to this called the ” Temporary display pictures ” which allows you to set a display picture of your choice for a chosen time period and after that period period is gone, the display picture goes with it. 

But before you get your hopes up, this feature is only currently being tested for iOS and Android users for users in France, which may or may not become outside available France. We’ll let the people of France decide once it’s released for them!

Don’t forget to comment your opinion below whether it’s a good move by Facebook or not and why!


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