FaceZoom Photo Drawing App

For long, we have come across many photo editing apps that allow users to manipulate and fiddle with pictures and videos according to their liking. All those basic apps provide very limited functionality and fail to provide the user with much of freedom of expression.

FaceZoom Photo Drawing App is ready to replace all those redundant apps with something that is uncompromising on quality and the number of features it offers.

FaceZoom offers a zooming ability that is unmatched with other applications when it comes to preserving the original quality of the image.

This allows you to focus on the intricate details of the image you want your audience to focus on and reshape its appearance to something that represents your personality and best fits your needs.


If you take a good photograph, it is almost inevitable that you would want to edit it. Editing is a process which can go in many ways. You have to really spend time with the photograph to figure out what works best for it.

Often, this means trying out several filters and settings before you find a combination which complements the picture. With FaceZoom, you can explore the multiple filters which best complement the picture and use your aesthetic sense to its potential to create something amazing.

FaceZoom offers countless fun features that allow you to play around with images. A freehand drawing feature enables you to scribble over images with different brush sizes and brush colors so you can go wild with your imagination!

Mix and Match Elements

Browse FaceZoom’s elaborate and creative sticker collection which you can choose from to add on top of images as overlays. These stickers can be resized, rotated, and dragged around so there is no restriction as to what you can do with them. And FaceZoom has an extensive collection to choose from!

Basic Editing Features

Like any other photo editing app, it is important for it to provide some basic operational features like cropping, rotating, and auto-fix. FaceZoom Photo Drawing App contains all these but adds additional functionality on top of them which is useful and, unlike complicated apps with tons of features, is very simple to navigate through.

With the FaceZoom Twist functions, you can flip pictures horizontally, vertically, left, and right.

Easy Sharing

Whether you want to save your masterpiece to your phone’s gallery or share it on your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media accounts, FaceZoom’s quick share and save buttons have got your back!

You can also sync your app with your phone’s gallery in order to view your images in the app. This makes it easier to access them in the app and then edit them on the fly.


Download FaceZoom

And this isn’t all – you can do so much more with the premium version of FaceZoom Photo Drawing App. The most important reason to update to premium is to be able to remove watermarks.

Premium FaceZoom also enables users to turn off ads so that they can enjoy solely what the app has to offer, and it offers a lot! Download the app now on the App Store and start exploring!


Download Facezoom Photo Drawing App

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