Find My Phone – Track Lost or stolen Android Phone

You would never want your smartphone or another family member’s smartphone to get stolen. There is so many data, mostly important such as: pictures, videos, audio, apps, documents and most importantly contacts which are stored on the smartphone. It’d be extremely frustrating and a big loss to lose the phone forever. Hence to protect your phone you can always get it tracked in real time. That is what the real time mobile tracker of the Find My Phone app does on your android phone. This is a quick review of the app, so that you may decide if you want it in your phone or not.

What is Find My Phone?

Track lost or stolen android phone with Find my Phone Android App

Find My Phone is an app which is made for android smartphones, so that the phones can be tracked in real time, and can be recovered in case stolen or lost. Moreover you also track a family member and know where the person is at any time. To locate the lost phone you can just log into the app’s website and track and see the lost phone’s location. You would also know if the phone is now at place or in movement.

The main features of the mobile tracker

The main features of the Find My Phone tracker app, are as follow:

  • App can be installed in just once click and doesn’t take much time.
  • The app works silently in the background, hence is not openly visible.
  • The app starts on its own when the phone is started.
  • There is no need to manually start the app, or mess around with it’s settings.
  • You can track all the phones in your family through one single user account by logging into the app’s website
  • The real time tracking shows if the phone is stagnant or moving.

    How to install and use

    It’s very easy to install the app on the phone. You have to visit Google play store to get the app, download it (click here to download), and just install it in one click in the android phone and the app takes care of the rest. Definitely, you will have to set up your account which is a one time process after installation, and during this, you would also have to link your email account with the app account.

    Whenever you want to track and see where the phone is, you just need to get online, open the website, login to your app account to see where your phone is. 

    The pros

    • It helps track your lost or stolen Android phone
    • You can track activities of a family member i.e: spouse, parents, aged or teenage kids by installing this app on their phone.
    • You can control all the phones together from one account, and don’t need to create separate account for each phone.
    • It shows if the phone is moving or at one fixed place.

      The cons

      • The only caution with the app is that, you cannot/should not install on a member’s mobile without his consent.

      Verdict: Since the app is working silently, gets started on its own, and doesn’t slows down the phone’s working, hence it’s the perfect detector for the phone’s location in any situation.


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        sounds like a nice app. will install it definitely!


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