Free fidget spinner app for Android

As we progress in life, increasing responsibilities and duties set the fast pace of our lives. We take on new roles as workers, parents or students, being burdened by changes and expectations. Such situations usually induce stress and anxiety. Even the people with the most positive outlook on life can sometimes find it extremely difficult to escape the grip of such stress, resulting in long lasting changes to their otherwise stable personality.

According to the American Psychological Association, ‘About two in five adults (39 percent) report overeating or eating unhealthy foods in the past month (2015) due to stress, compared to 33 percent in 2014. Such statistics have proven that it is imperative that one tackles stress at initial stages, where it is easier to control and overcome. Therefore, objects like stress balls and actions like twiddling pens have been around for ages to manage stress.

Moreover, research often suggests exercise to cope with stress. This is because exercise occupies the part of your brain which would otherwise be busy thinking about stressful ideas. Fidgeting is also similar as it is our body’s way of occupying itself with insignificant tasks such as hand movement, nail biting or hair playing to distract itself from a stressful situation. This is exactly why fidget spinners were invented.

Until recently, we did not know of the infamous fidget spinners. However, in a very short period of time, search engines, news articles and stores couldn’t get enough of this new trend that 2017 had brought with itself. Wherever one turned, you could see people talk about them or playing with them. As the popularity of fidget spinners has grown, an array of free fidget spinner apps for Android has been introduced to the Google Play store.

What are fidget spinners?

Fidget spinners are trendy colourful toys which can be spun on one finger from their centre. The spinning creates a whirring sound and the blades surrounding the bearing create a visual similar to that of a moving ceiling fan. A fidget spinner comes in many shapes and sizes, some fancier than the other.

Fidget spinners

As soon as fidget spinners became trendy, the internet was full of YouTube tutorials on the tips and tricks for a spinner. At the same time, new apps were being developed to capture the experience of using a fidget spinner virtually.

Benefits of fidget spinners:

Retailers are claiming that this toy can help cope with stress, anxiety, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Moreover, they believe it can help concentrate. Although there is no scientific research to support these claims, users of fidget spinners have attested to its calming effect. Some schools introduced these fidget spinners as a part of their school curriculum to helps kids deal with academic stress while others banned them.

These toys may have made our lives easier, but one runs the risk of losing the toy, forgetting to carry it or being caught by a teacher during a lecture due to its whirring sound. Moreover, the best varieties of this toy come for an expensive sum of money that some may not be able to afford. This is why the free Android fidget spinner app, Hand Spinner Fidget Pro, is the perfect solution to all these problems.


Hand Spinner Fidget Pro

Hand Spinner Fidget Pro is a free fidget spinner app for Android available on Google Playstore on which one can virtually spin a spinner on their mobile phone. It has been developed by mobi games Inc and requires Android 3.0 and up.

Why use Hand Spinner Fidget Pro?

The app offers many attractive features for its users. There are six different fidget spinners according to shape, size and bearings. This gives you variety to chose from according to your mood ensuring that the toy never becomes boring for any of its users. For example, one of the options is a rainbow colour titanium fidget spinner.

Free fidget spinner app for Android

Moreover, the app offers its users the option to spin the spinner fast or slow. This too adheres to the users’ mood and choice. The spinner makes no noise, keeping you safe from the anger of your teachers and ensuring you don’t disturb other people around you. This means you can not only use this during a lecture but also at office, in the library or at a public place.

The app can also be used on an Android watch as it is Android wear 1.0 and 2.0 compatible. This makes it even easier to play on the app if you are busy using your phone for making calls or sending important emails. This means you can use the app anywhere and anytime you want.

Furthermore, as the app is free everyone can experience the fidget spinner trend without having to pay for one. Due to being small in size, real fidget spinners may get lost and your money would be wasted, but this is safe on your phone. It is very easy to use the app as one only needs to swipe the screen. Users can play games and win levels and coins depending on the number of times they can spin the fidget spinner.

The amazing effects of the app like the cool marque background make the experience even more enjoyable for users because the background moves as if the spinner was being thrown. Recent changes have added new finger and hand spinners. All these features prove that this app is the best choice for people who want to experience the fun of using a fidget spinner virtually.

How to use Hand Spinner Fidget Pro?

The app has been made so that it is easy to use and an enjoyable experience for users. On their Google Play store website, they have explained that you only need to swipe the screen to make the spinner spin. The app rates your performance from poor to good at the top right corner of the screen.

Who wants this?

According to the developers, this app helps increase attention and concentration. Therefore, it’s a great choice for students who need to concentrate on their studies. This app can even help adults overcome stress, anxiety and concentrate on finishing important tasks as it increases one’s attention span and has a calming effect on bad nerves.

Moreover, this free fidget spinner app for Android is a great choice for youngsters and others looking for entertainment as it is an interesting game. One can spin while they are waiting in line to pay the bill or sitting in office brainstorming ideas. Students can spin before a test or performance to reduce their stress levels as keeping their brain occupied would prevent them from stressing. The time we waste stressing could be used by challenging your friend to see who can get the most spins in the same time duration.

This app can also be used by those who want to explore what all the craze about fidget spinners is but don’t want to invest any money to buy a real fidget spinner. It is a great opportunity to avail for free. If your child is insisting on buying a fidget spinner, be sure to install this app for them on your phone.

Hand Spinner Fidget Pro is a great free fidget spinner app for Android developed by mobi games Inc. The developers are constantly updating the app to include new shapes and sizes so users can enjoy their experience. Although the app may look similar to others, you should install this app without any further delay to experience its uniqueness.

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