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Who doesn’t like to watch TV shows? We all have our own taste and if you’re reading this then you must be interested in binge watching tv shows. You’re at the right place my friend as you’re about to discover some new apps.

Let’s dig in!


 Some of the Apps for watching TV shows that made the cut


Premium Apps to stream TV shows



At top of the heap we have Netflix and the popularity of this application will not diminish anytime soon as they have staggering amount of over 117 million streaming memberships in 190 countries.They have a vast library and they also produce their own original content like Narcos and I wanna buy their equity shares as well (I can’t afford them).

So, let’s talk about what I can afford, their subscription charges which are 5.99$ per month and you’ll get a free 30 day trial period at the start so let’s finish it with.. Give it a try!


This Malaysian based company is operating in 28 countries across Asia and Africa and with more investment pouring in they are about to get even bigger. Inflix is connected with 150 studios worldwide , actually all the top dogs like Walt Disney, Starz, MGM, Universal to name a few.Their popularity is increasing day by day thanks to some free promotions and off course the entertainment they give at such a low price so you can enjoy the premium content.

Amazon Prime Video

Lets add some more fuel to the fire. Amazon prime video is powered by Amazon and ever since its inception the reach of this application spreaded worldwide like a wild-fire except in 5 countries, now that’s some impact. They produce their quality content as well and prime example would be “The Man In The High Castle”(it’s a roller coaster). After a free trial they charge a pretty decent amount which is 2.99$ for the first 6 months and you can hook up to 3 devices at the same time as well.

Amazing app for TV shows lovers!


Here are the gems 

You can still get an access to watch number of TV shows and movies without paying a cent.


Don’t believe me? read ahead to find out how…


Free apps to stream TV shows


Tubi TV

They have all the categories of TV shows, anime, stand up comedy shows, movies and cartoons like Popeye. All this is very well-integrated with a clean interface. Although you will not find the new blockbusters but they have a lot to offer and that’s enough reason to download this application.


You will be entertained!

Cloud TV 

They have all the top broadcast networks for you.The likes of HBO, Cinemax, Comedy Central, History and many more channels, all in HD, no compromise on that.

This app isn’t available on Google Play Store but you can get this app with this link and don’t forget to unlock the downloading from an unknown source by going into settings.

Its Safe and Free ✔


Here you can find a good sum of shows and movies although you will not find this app in Google Play Store for some reason yet to discover. With this app you can enjoy premium stuff and you can watch TV shows for free.


Mobdro is the name and yes it’s a hard name to pronounce but once you will get this application you will love it.Its a free streaming application to watch shows, movies, sports, news and what not for no charge. Easy on your pocket and a delight for your eyes (i don’t miss my ex).

What you’re waiting for?


With a lot of new TV shows coming in, your list might take a toll on you so here is one more application for organized beings. This application will help you in keeping the track of your shows and you will get a notification as soon as the new episode releases even more you will get recommendations based on the shows you watched (things friend do).

TV Time is the name of the app and it’s available for both iOS and Android.



For more tech info stick around and do let us know your favorite apps to watch TV shows in the comment box below.

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