Free proxy sites

Surfing the Internet is not so easy as it once used to be. As time goes on and technology advances, the Internet becomes more complicated to surf, due to many websites being blacklisted which can be due to many reasons. You may be able to relate espically if you’ve lived in a country where few or majority of the popular websites are banned. Take China for example, if you’re addicted to the popular social networking site Facebook you’d have a hard time living there as Facebook is banned. But that’s not all, most institutes have blacklisted popular sites users tend to browse to prevent student from using them. 

​Free Proxy Sites 

​But these sites can easily be accessed through the means of a ” Proxy “. As the name suggests, it acts as a middlemen between you and the server. So when you’re interacting with a webpage using a proxy, it’s basically the proxy interacting on your behalf. What’s more great about using Proxies is the fact that it not only allows you to acess blocked sites, but also browse them anonymously through another IP, while bypassing all the restrictions mentioned earlier. There are many softwares out there that allow you to do such thing, known as VPN – but if you’re looking for a quick solution, Free Proxy sites is the answer for you as you can surf the net easily without any restrictions and having to waste money and time on a software.

Free proxy sites

Although Free proxy sites are less complicated than VPNs, they’ve a disadvantage that is they tend to go down easily. Hence it’s best practise not to rely on one proxy site. There are thousands of proxy sites available on the Internet and when you search for them on the Internet, you’re most likely to find bad ones. But that doesn’t mean you should give up, you can view the best free proxy sites here.

Make sure you browse websites that does not contain your personal information such as credit card number, address, phone number etc. anything that you’re not comfortable with sharing, as there’s a chance they’re to fall in the wrong hands. 


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