Best Free Sites to Watch the Sports Streams On

This is a great time for sports fanatics. Today, there are many sites where you can watch your favorite football and basketball games for free. We compiled a list of the best of them, with an aim to encompass a wide variety of sports. Here, you will find anything from MMA, Tennis, and F1, to golf and cricket. Some of these sites will require your login info, and after that, you are good to go.

This service is not available in your country

Honestly, what is more annoying than this? Some of the sites on the list, like NBC and ESPN, are only available if you are from a specific country, like the U.S. Luckily, you can install a VPN to access geo-restricted streaming sites to solve this problem. 

A VPN will make the server believe that you are streaming from a different location of your choice. This can save you hours of frustration. 

Now, you will be able to stream all of these entries from wherever you like. We have compiled a list of 6 best sites, which we hope you will enjoy. 

  1. ESPN

ESPN is a highly popular streaming site that lets you watch your favorite sports events in hi-def. Everyone can watch highlights, news, and trending videos, while live sports events are available if you have an adequate TV service. This includes providers like Hulu, Sling, Xfinity, Cox, Verizon, and similar U.S services. Simply sign in using your log-in info and enjoy. 

Sports you can watch: Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Wrestling, Horse Racing, Football, F1, MMA, Boxing, WWE, Cricket, and eSports.

  1. Red Bull TV

Now, this site is refreshing and exciting. Its content is all over the place, with a big focus on extreme sports. Red Bull TV is also available globally and for free. Here the definition of sports is a little bit loose, and Red Bull constantly keeps coming with a new sport and lifestyle ideas like URBEX, Sky Trippers, Sheckler, and similar. 

Things like this may inspire you to think out of the box, as well. This site also stores the list of popular Athletes, so you can also learn more about your favorite sportsmen.  

Sports you can watch: Mountain Climbing, Cliff Diving, Racing, F1, Skating, Snowboarding, Skiing, Surfing, and many more. 

  1. Hotstar

Hotstar is a wildly popular Indian streaming site. Aside from watching sports, here you can also watch free movies and shows. The majority of the sports content is free, although there are some behind a premium paywall. Fortunately, the sports package is affordable. Just remember to use a VPN if you are located outside of India.

Sports you can watch: Football, Hockey, Badminton, Golf, Table Tennis, Kabaddi, Swimming, Athletics, eSports, and Formula 1.

  1. Sony Liv

Sony Liv is a site where you can stream all sporting events for free. It is organized really well, with each sport having a separate page. There you can see all the important news, highlights, and talk shows, so it’s very easy to stay up to date.

You don’t need to worry that your video will freeze or play slow. That’s because you can change the video quality mid-stream if you are having a troublesome connection. Sony Liv offers you a wide variety of sports to choose from, so this might become your go-to site.

Sports you can watch: Football, WWE, UFC, MotoGP, NBA, Tennis, etc.

  1. Fox Sports

Fox Sports is in many ways similar to ESPN. Site is well organized, so it’s easy to find game scores, latest interviews, and highlights. Aside from streaming live events, Fox Sports lets you watch replays as well.

To get complete access to the site, you will need to have a TV service from one of these providers: Verizon, Directv, Spectrum, Cox, Xfinity, or Spectrum. Just use your log-in info, and you are good to go.

Sports you can watch: F1, MotoGP, WWE, Tennis, Football, eSports, Golf, Combat Sports.

  1. DAZN

DAZN started in 2016 as a service aimed exclusively at fighting sports niche, but since then has expanded its offer. This site lets you stream sports both live or on demand, in case you miss your favorite game. 

With DAZN, you will be able to watch over 8,000 events annually. Although it is not entirely free, you get one month free to decide if you want to continue streaming.   

Sports you can watch: Premier League, NFL, Formula 1, MLB, NHL, MMA, Fighting sports.


Final words

Without a doubt, these are some of the best free sports streaming sites. All of them are legal, which means you will be safe from malware and annoying advertisements. We wish you have a great streaming experience.

Kinza Zaheer

Writer at Thetic Blog.

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