How to get Facebook-styled WhatsApp chat heads on Android

Have you been enjoying the digitalized-driven world where innovations take place almost on every passing day? And if you have embraced this technological world then I bet you have smartphone lying on your hands or laptop set in front of your very eyes. Don’t you use Facebook or WhatsApp nowadays? If no, then either you’re lying or live in a cave. However, if you do use Facebook, then I believe you should know about Chat Heads. If you are doing an important work and can’t afford to open WhatsApp to read messages then these chat heads can prove to be very useful for you if the message needs to be read immediately. This article will teach you how to get facebook-styled WhatsApp chat heads on your Android smartphone.


WhatsApp cheat heads on Android


If you’ve facebook messenger installed, then you’re probably already familiar with chat heads which is a small but useful feature that allows you to read messages without actually opening the app itself. Whenever a user gets a new message, they see a small popup circle which they can press to see the individual’s chat messages. So if you want to know: how to get Facebook-styled chat heads in WhatsApp, which is not officially offered yet, without rooting your Android device, then you are at the right place.

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Although, WhatsApp has a feature under the umbrella of Quick reply with that users can reply to the messages from the notification bar without opening the App but it still does not offer chat heads.

Advantages of using WhatsApp Chat Heads App:

  • Helps you to hide Last Seen so nobody would know whether you have seen or read the message or not.
  • Enables you to see or read messages quickly, so you do not have to open WhatsApp to check messages.
  • Offers you an opportunity to see or read messages directly from Lockscreen so you do not have to unlock your device.
  • Can be used without root. Thus, all android users can get this feature.

Let’s now look at,

Step by step guide to get Whatsapp Chat heads without rooting:

Step 1:

Download Notify app from the Google playstore.

Step 2:

With the opening of the App, you would have to access to notification and toggle the button placed just aside the ‘Receive Notifications’ option. After that, you will have ‘Notification access’ menu. And you have to tick the ‘checkbox’ placed beside Notify.

Step 3:

You would be asked for confirmation for which you have to tap on OK. Then tap on the tick mark button placed on the right and bottom side of the app screen.

Step 4:

You have to tap on the ‘Done’ button. After this, you would be able to witness a list of all apps which can be supported through Notify. With this, you need to tap on the ‘hamburger icon’ placed somewhere at the top and left a corner of your app screen.

Step 5:

The menu would slide out from the left side where you have to tap on ‘Settings’ option. And you have a way to alter the settings as you like them to be. Such as change of size of the bubble or its position and many more.

Finally, now you would be able to see the chat head on your screen whenever somebody sends a message to you and you can send him or her reply by just tapping on the chat head rather than to open the full app.

Most importantly, what would you have to do if you want to eliminate the Whatsapp chat head? What you can do is tap and keep holding the chat head and then while dragging it, put it into the red circle lying in the middle-down of the screen. This way, you won’t be having chat head on the screen.

Interestingly, with the help of this app, you can not get WhatsApp chat heads only but also chat heads for other apps like Twitter, Tango, Hangouts and many others.


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