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Yes, we all know Internet Explorer has struggled for a long time hence why it was put to death recently. R.I.P (Rest In Piss), as in you will definitely not be missed Internet Explorer. If you’ve installed Microsoft 10, you should know that it comes with a built-in browser called ” Windows Edge ” which replaces Internet Explorer as it’s default browser. Windows Edge’s code has been rewritten from scratch and is completely different from Internet explorer, that includes being more faster. 

Note: If you’re a Windows 7 or 8.1 User and haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, you can do so by Clicking Here.

microsoft edge homepage google chrome vs microsoft edge for windows 10

If before installing Windows 10, you were a Google Chrome user, you’d definitely want to shift to Microsoft Edge browser after testing it out as it is very light and has a quick start-up as compared to Google Chrome. 

Although Google Chrome is a great browser as it is the most used browser in the world and almost all of you must’ve atleast used it once in your lifetime or probably using it right now. You must be wondering what makes Microsoft Edge great and better than Google Chrome, here’s why:

It comes with many new and unique features such as,


Named after the artificial intelligence character in Halo, it is a somewhat similar program integrated into Windows 10 which works as a personal assistant which can help you find files, look up meaning etc or even interact with you and tell you jokes!

Reading view: 

Like few other browsers such as Apple’s Safari, Microsoft Edge also contains a similar feature called ” Reading view ” which eliminates all clutter from the webpage you’re viewing and make it easy to be readable. 

Sticky notes: 

Also known as Webpage Annotations, a feature which allows you to add notes or copy individual parts of webpages. 

microsoft edge webpage annotation sticky notes google chrome vs microsoft edge for windows 10

There are many other simple features such as:

– Change themes from Light to Dark
– Pin webpages on Homepage
– Integrated Flash player like Google Chrome, hence you won’t require the need to install one separately.
– Anonymous Browsing
– Sharing

microsoft edge share webpages easily google chrome vs microsoft edge for windows 10

What’s best about Microsoft Edge is the fact that it does not require the need for you to download it as it will be already installed.

Nevertheless those with Windows 10 who are looking to replace there browser with something more compatible and simple, edge is the best you’ll find. 



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