Great features of Openstack Cloud Platform

Cloud platform is a software as a service(SaaS) model where users gain access to software and databases while the providers of the platform manage the infrastructure and other features to make it accessible for the users. One of the most famous cloud computing platforms that are available for private and public use is Openstack. Managed by non-profit Openstack foundation, the platform has the support of many big organizations, software companies, and individuals who believe it to be the fate of the world of cloud computing.

What Makes It Everyone’s Favorite?

Openstack allows the users to install virtual machines on its platform and access the database to handle the cloud environment. It has the capability of serving more users at the same time by creating instances for each one of them. It brings in more ease and efficiency in the tasks that are being performed.

Great features of Openstack Cloud Platform

Features of Openstack Platform

Some of the features which make it everyone’s favorite have been discussed below.

Open source: This gives the companies the ability to access its code and make changes to it the way they see fit. It helps them maintain their standards and work processes.

Security: Openstack provides a strong security system that keeps their applications and all the data safe.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Amazon Web Services which gives users the ease of deploying and store applications for AWS without having to rewrite them.

Storage: This has to be one of the best features of the platform. With unlimited storage space, it also has the inbuilt ability to restore failed applications automatically. The fact that it uses horizontal scaling means that it is elastic in terms of users and storage capabilities.

Quality: Every 4 to 6 months, the code is updated by the developers which mean that it’s quality is maintained at all levels.

Openstack cloud platform comes with many modular pieces which makes it possible to use it for a variety of other purposes. If you haven’t given it a try yet, then it is about time that you try using the platform for cloud computing services. To get started, go through our website today for Openstack training. The certification will not take much of your time but would be worth the time spent. We will help you learn all about its different features, components and how you can make use of them in your organization.


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