Handpick what your children watch by Downloading Junior Tube.

Today’s world of online connectivity has opened new learning, earning and entertaining portals. Children and adults are equally enjoying content of their interest via platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. While some of the content which is filtered through YouTube kids falls under the appropriate category, most of it is not at all suitable for underage children. Parents can now avail the opportunity to handpick the content their children get to watch by downloading an exclusive application, the Junior Tube.

Here’s why you should download Junior Tube today:

Control the content viewed by your children:

Are you struggling with complicated content filters? Are all your content filtering tools and strategies failing to provide you with desired control over the content? By downloading Junior Tube and being a parent, you get a chance to have your desired extent of control over the videos and related content watched by your kid. You can easily keep the content which you believe is suitable for your child and discard the rest.

Age and interest curated videos:

Junior Tube is an all-inclusive application which has been developed to offer a huge reserve of age and interest curated videos for children aging from 2 years and 12 years. Unlike the trashy content which several platforms are displaying, Junior Tube lets you decide growth-stimulating content for your child to watch. This application lets you select interesting videos for children until 12 years of age. It means that not only do you get a chance to filter trashy content, but also your young one gets to enjoy content of his interest.

Circumvent technological negligence:

Are you uncertain regarding the effectiveness of YouTube kid’s content filters? Well, Junior Tube offers you the maximum certainty in that manner. By downloading this application, you have a better shot at preventing technological negligence which can cause adverse effects on your child’s development. With Junior Tube, you can be sure of the fact that your kids are watching only authorized and pre-selected content from YouTube.

Select your child’s favorite characters:

Forget the frustration of dealing with your child’s tantrums caused by your failure in finding his favorite YouTube character. By downloading Junior Tube on your device, you can easily filter out results relevant to your child’s preferences. Unlike the ineffective kid’s filters on YouTube, you can easily pick your child’s favorite YouTube characters and let him have his fun without any worry by downloading Junior Tube.

Simple and straightforward playlist creation:

Don’t be the parent who is always having a tough time in figuring out the latest technology. The developers of Junior Tube are very considerate regarding the technological embarrassment parents have to face because of complexities in user interface. Junior Tube eliminates technological stampedes to a great extent by simplifying operational techniques which can be managed from a highly straightforward user interface. Creating a playlist on Junior Tube is as easy as naming the alphabets and you can be a good parent by following a couple of simple steps for playlist creation for your kid.

Access exclusive JuniorTube videos:

Apart from video-based platforms such as YouTube, Junior Tube also features exclusive Junior Tube videos. Many video makers have collaborated with Junior Tube to play their role in high-quality content creation which is appropriate to be viewed by children of ages 2 to 12. Give your child a better chance at individuality by providing him access to exclusive Junior Tube videos.

Boundless content availability:

Junior Tube is free from all sorts of device compatibility issues. This application works equally well on iPhones, iPads, Amazon Fire TV and tablets, Apple TV, Android Tablets, Chromebook and Roku TV streaming sticks. Your child will never have to stay in one place in order to watch his favorite videos.

Skill-building AR, VR and quiz features:

Junior Tube developers realize the importance of creating interactive AR, VR and quiz features for effective e skill-building and motor development of children. These people regard each and every aspect of a child’s development and growth and therefore, Junior Tube features AR, VR and quizzes are introduced to stimulate growth and development in right dimensions.


Get Junior Tube today!

Junior Tube is the safest and best solution for parents who are seeking assistance in managing and controlling the content viewed by their children on YouTube. Download this application and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. By paying subscription charges for a month, you and your family can enjoy access to unlimited content throughout the month. The best thing is that you can unsubscribe to this application at any time you want to.


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