Hidden Apps for Texting

Living at a time where most of our informational exchange is happening via virtual networks and devices, sharing even the most private of information via a text message has become a norm hence the need for hidden apps for texting arised along with websites to receive SMS online for free.

According to SlickText, about 5 billion people send and receive text messages globally which is about 65 percent of the world’s population!

All of us have become so used to of texting and virtual communication that almost none of us ever give a second thought to the idea of sharing out most sensitive information via a text. You sure do trust the person you are sharing your information with, but how come you can trust a random fellow picking up your phone and reading all your messages when you are not around?

So, what’s really wrong with people accessing my messages?

There is undoubtedly a lot of risk with random people reading our addresses, personal phone numbers, personal chats with our loved ones, and even bank accounts’ pins, and all such information shared via our message box.

You might be okay about your chat with a friend being read by a coworker because there is really nothing secret in your chat (We, highly doubt the probability of this, though).

However, there are risks with your passwords and addresses being read because:

  • You passwords can reach a con man who can later use your name for illegal activities
  • Your national ID number can be used by someone for smuggling purposes
  • Your address can reach a thief or a group of looters
  • Your bank’s pin could be a means to bankrupt you for some

Then, how do I hide my messages?

We cannot always make sure that no one gets to touch our phone unless we are able to closely keep an eye on what they do. However, we can definitely ensure that no one ever gets an access to our messages unless we allow them (or unless someone decides to hack your WhatsApp)

The trick is simple, you need a tool that hides your texts and only makes them accessible with a specific password or your finger print. Thankfully, there are a hundred such application available free of cost both for iPhone and Androids (even for PCs, MacBook, and Laptops too).

All you need to do is to download any of the hidden apps for texting mentioned below and get done with some initial settings. From there, your messages are all safe and secure.

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List of the 6 Hidden Apps for Texting

With every other developer offering an app to hide text messages and phone calls, it can get hard to find that one app which you can easily trust.

No worries since we have got you covered. Here is our compilation of the top 6 hidden texting apps for Android and iPhone that you can use to hide your messages from anyone you want.

Please note that we are sharing these only so that you don’t ever have to fear about your personal information getting leaked. We don’t promote any sort of cheating done to your partner or any other such immoral activity through sharing these options.

So, let us get started:

#1. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics, and Videos – One of the best Hidden Texting Apps for Android & iPhone

Vault App Hidden Texting Apps for Android

This is one of those few hidden apps for text messages that come up on the top right when you search for them. With its self-introductory name, this app is like a vault that keeps all your pictures, messages, and videos safe and hidden.

That not all of it, you can also hide your files and other some documents through this free app. The fact that your files and other items along with contacts and messages are all hidden by this app means just downloading this single application can get you the best of all.

The functioning is simple and easy. You have to import the data including messages, calls, contacts, etc. to this application and then it will label this data as private. You can set whatever PIN or password you like to open this app and access its data.

Your imported messages and data would be removed from its original location and no one except will ever be able to access that again.

#2. Message Locker – SMS Lock (Hidden App for Text Messages)

Message Locker Hidden App for Text Messages

You can hide your text messages and call history from those annoying stalkers who are always in search of your phone when you are not around but who is going to stop them from peeping into your Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram?

Well, this app is for you if your personal chats are carried out via social media networks more than the general inbox. It is more like an overall app locker that can lock the data of whatever application you want to hide on your phone.

Its about time you stop deleting those private texts and photos shared on your Facebook messenger and Instagram. You can download this best private messaging app that will also hide all your applications and their data from unwanted creeps.

Like all other hidden app for text messages and phone calls, this one also has an easy setup. Simply download it, choose a strong PIN and start locking as many apps as you want to in its user friendly interface. Make sure you use a PIN that is easy to remember because you are going to need it every time you have to open a locked app.

#3. Game Lock – One of the best Secret Messaging Apps that look like games

Game Lock Secret Messaging App that looks like Games

This is one of this amazing secret messaging apps that look like games related tool. Thanks to its funky icon, anyone holding your phone and coming across this app will feel that you have simply hidden some games and cheat codes in here.

However, it is so much more than just a game locker. You can use this application to hide literally any folder in your phone you want.

Hide your photos, messages, documents, videos, and much more through this single application to keep it from being stolen, revealed, or misused at all.

#4. Calculator – Hide SMS App

Calculator Hide SMS App

What can be cooler than a simple calculator acting as a perfect vault to hide all your personal chats, calls, and everything else?

This is one of the coolest play store’s hide SMS App that lets no one doubt about your secret life’s existence. It looks and works like any regular phone calculator that, upon pressing 123 followed by a + sign and an = sign, lets you access your private data easily.

Although this calculator does not look very appealing and cannot lock your apps, it is a very light weight application that almost nullifies the chances of anyone ever getting to know about your hidden messages and calls or get suspicious about you at all.

#5. PrivateSpace SMS & Call – Hide Text

PrivateSpace SMS Call

Looking for an application that doesn’t cost you a cent and also protects your data while taking up almost no space on your phone?  This private message app is your answer.

If you don’t care much about your pictures and documents but are pretty concerned about your messages and call history being read or accessed by a random person then you should install this application right away.

It is safe, easy to use, and works efficiently to hide your calls and chats on its private space box. All you have to do is to add a password or a PIN and then start importing the data you want to hide to this application.

You can also hide this application itself using another app locker. Make sure you don’t forget the password you have set because things can get pretty bad that way and you don’t want to lock yourself out of your data forever.

#6. Wire – Considered to be one of the Best Hidden iPhone Apps for Texting

Wire Hidden iPhone App for Texting

This one is solely meant for those iPhone users who are sick of deleting their personal chats just so no one can ever access it.

Wire is one of the best hidden iPhone apps for texting that lets iPhone user protect their sensitive data and information free of cost. It works different from other apps given above because it uses end-to-end encryption.

If your receiver has this app installed too, you both can share calls, messages, images, and FaceTime each other without anyone ever getting their hands on your data. The interface is modern and stylish yet easy to use and the app is over all a great addition to the Apple’s official App Store that has been benefitting millions of iPhone users all over the world.


Not only these, but there are a thousand of other such safe, free, and easy to use hidden apps for texting both for Android and iOS users. All you need is to use them the right way, without meaning any harm or deception, and download only the apps with best reviews and more download.

Such small steps will ensure that no one ever harms you in lieu of keeping your data safe and you also have that much needed peace of mind that can otherwise not be there without such apps.

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