How Does a Wi-fi Booster Work

Whether you’re willing to extend the signals range to cover your backyard or offer great signal strength at different parts of the office, a Wifi booster is all you were looking for. But how does a Wifi booster work? That we’ll find out today. 

However, a brief answer to the question is “Wifi boosters work by rebroadcasting the signals of the router which result in an extended range of signals”. But for detailed information, this detailed guide is in place. 

That said, let’s dive deep into details of the working of a Wifi booster. 

What is a Wifi Booster? The Advantages and Disadvantages

What is a Wifi Booster

A Wifi booster or extender is a device used to improve the signal range of your Wifi network. Whether you want your wifi router to spread signals across all your home or want the same for the office, a Wifi booster is an effective solution to consider. In fact, a wifi extender can even double up the overall signal range.

Before we move forward, there’s a frequent query I want to answer “Do Wifi boosters increase internet speed?”

Wifi boosters or extenders increase the internet speed since they’re able to extend the Wifi signals of any kind that particularly include the internet signals. In fact, powerful extenders even offer twice the signal range to cover your entire home and office. 

With that out of the way, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Wifi boosters you might want to know about:

Pros of a Wifi Booster

Following are the key advantages of a Wifi booster:

Great coverage in open areas – With powerful technology placed inside, the Wifi booster offers amazing strength in open areas. You can use it to broaden the range of your Wifi network and spread the signal across long distances. 

Wifi coverage in open areas

Compatibility – Most of the Wifi boosters come with easy configuration and compatibility for your old router. So, purchasing a Wifi booster doesn’t require getting a compatible router as well. Instead, you can simply reuse your existing router with it. 

Connection for Multiple devices – When multiple users connect to a connection, the speed goes down significantly and affects the experience of each user. Fortunately, the latest Wifi extenders offer various channels and frequencies to offer consistent speeds to all the devices connected. 

Multiple Devices Connected to Same Internet

Convenient Configuration and set up – With most of the configuration automatically set up, the latest Wifi routers are ready to use with a clock of a button. Thankfully, twinkling changes in configuration don’t even require your technical knowledge, So, you can do it yourself. 

That said, let’s roll into the drawbacks. 

Cons of a Wifi Booster

Following are the major downsides of using a Wifi booster:

Low Speed – Although a Wifi booster offers amazing strength, it affects the overall network signals which results in poor speed. In simple words, extending the signals around your home or office will bring the drawback of mediocre speed. 

Incompatibility – While most of the Wifi boosters work perfectly with various routers, there are certain cases where users feel compatibility issues. Although it’s a natural thing – and you should check out whether or not the Wifi booster you’re purchasing is compatible with your router – it’s still a significant downside to the Wifi boosters. 

Obstacles – Quite similar to any device that emits signals, the signals from a Wifi booster are affected by any electronic interference like domestic appliances that emit waves, smartphones, Bluetooth devices, etc. Even the obstacles like walls come in the way of strong signal strength and coverage. 

Obstacles on the way of Wi-Fi signals

That said, let’s now dive into the details of working of a Wifi booster or extender

How Does a Wifi Booster or a Wifi Extender Work?

How does a wifi booster work

A Wifi booster, also known as the Wifi extender, works in three simple steps… It

  • Connects to your existing Wifi signals 
  • Duplicates the signals of your Wifi
  • Rebroadcasts the signals which result in coverage of more area

This way, a Wifi booster or extender extends your Wifi signals range without purchasing another router and setting up another connection. 

Now, the question arises “how do you set up a Wifi extender to connect to your Wifi network?”. Well, depending upon the extender, you’ll either get a mobile app or the option for simply setting up and configuring the extender by using a web browser. 

Another frequent question on Wifi extenders or boosters is where do you install them? Well, the best place to install a Wifi extender is right at the point where your existing Wifi signals are nearly dead. Also, remember that the extender should be someplace near to the point where you want the Wifi signals. 

Also, know that a Wifi extender is generally a small device that you can directly connect to an electricity board. So, carrying it around, relocating it, etc., is nothing of a problem.

Wifi booster connected to the switch

Difference Between a Wifi Booster, Extender, and a Wifi Repeater

Since these are quite relevant terms, I’ve often seen peoples’ fierce wars on what is used for what. For not-so-tech-savvy people, it becomes pretty hard to determine the difference. But worry not, because that’s what I’m going to do – that too – in the most convenient way. 

But before we start, remember that the core purpose of a Wifi booster, extender, and Wifi repeater is the same – they work by improving the signal coverage of a Wifi connection. 

What is a Wifi (Range) Extender 

A wifi extender or Wifi range extender works by connecting to your existing Wifi signals, duplicating them, and rebroadcasting the signals. That’s pretty the same as a Wifi repeater does, but a Wifi extender also offers connecting an ethernet cable for no loss of bandwidth. 

What is a Wifi Repeater 

What is a Wifi Repeater

A Wifi repeater works the same as a Wifi extender, connecting to, duplicating, and re-broadcasting the signals for increasing the signal coverage. But what sets a Wifi repeater apart from that pack is it works completely wirelessly. Although it may result in some loss of bandwidth, you get a wire-free and convenient connection. 

What is a Wifi Booster

A wifi booster is a common term for any device that “boosts”, “extends”, or simply improves the Wifi coverage. 

Summary – The Difference Between a Wifi Booster, Extender, and Repeater

Here’s a little summary: A wifi extender improves the signal coverage by offering a wired connection, a repeater does the same but with a wireless connection, and a Wifi booster is a common term used to represent any device that improves the signal range – including a Wifi repeater and extender. 

If you want the information on setting up a Wifi booster, you can consider the guide on how to set up a Wifi extender for the best signals,

FAQs on Working of a Wifi Booster, Extender, or Repeater

Following are the answers to the frequent questions relevant to a Wifi Booster.

How far does the wifi extender reach?

The range of a Wifi extender heavily depends upon its quality, its manufacturing, and the purpose it was built for. However, at the maximum, a Wifi extender can offer a signal coverage of over 800 and even 1200sq. Meter.

Why are WiFi extenders bad?

Wifi extenders aren’t always good since the obstacles on the way heavily affect the signal strength, as well as the range of the signal. Another major problem people face when using a Wifi extender is incompatibility – since there’s a ton of technologies used in different Wifi routers and Wifi extenders, they’re not compatible every time.

Can a WiFi extender cause problems?

A Wifi extender can cause trouble if your existing Wifi router isn’t compatible with the Wifi extender you’ve bought. Similarly, interference is another major problem with Wifi extenders and any other Wifi device – the obstacles on the way like walls affect the signal strength. However, the interference problem can still be fixed.

Final Words

When purchasing a Wifi booster, people are often confused with the relevant terms like Wifi extender, repeater, booster, and how they work. A Wifi booster is a general device used to extend the signal range of a network while a repeater and extender, both are types of Wifi booster. 

Now, the question arises, “how does a Wifi booster work?”. Well, that’s what this guide was all on. I presented all the relevant information you could ask for. I hope this guide was helpful to you in some way. That said, here are some other guides to consider:

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