How to add Rainbow Lense Filter to your Snaps on Snapchat

If you’re a snapchat user, you must’ve already heard about the recent Snapchat update which introduced the new ” Lenses ” feature which allows you to add animated effects and sounds to your snaps to make them more lively and interesting. So far the rainbow lense (puke rainbows) has went viral on other popular social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They also released the ability to allow you to replay snaps although it recieved a lot of negative feedback as it’s paid and not free. Many users said it should be free or else never introduced at all. 

How to add Rainbow Lense Filter to your Snaps on Snapchat

There’s more to the lenses effect than puking rainbows, such as the zombie effect, ability to make yourself look old, bursting eyes and much more! It’s very simple to use, first make sure to update your Snapchat from App Store & then follow the Instructions below.

How to use Snapchat Lenses: 

  1. Press the button to take photo & switch to Front camera
  2. Face your front camera towards yourself and press your finger on your Face
  3. Make sure to hold your phone vertically and let the phone scan your Face properly
  4. Lenses options should appear below, if not re-try Step 2.
  5. Browse through the lens effect you want to use & follow the Instructions E.g: Open your mouth, raise your eyebrows Etc.
  6. Press the Capture Button and you’re done.

Extra tips:

  • If you wish to record a video with the Lenses effect on, hold the capture button to do so.
  • Lenses Effect can be used with other Snapchat features like drawing, text, emojis, color filters etc.


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