How to convert 2D movies to 3D for free

Can’t find your favourite 3D movie available on the net for download or you’ve already the 2D version but don’t want to waste more money buying the 3D version? Thanks to the Internet, there are many softwares that can help you convert those 2D movies to 3D for free or without wasting any money further. Here in this article, I will be telling you how to do so in just a few simple steps.  

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Note: Converting 2D to 3D is a complex process, so do not expect your conversion to look like a high quality hollywood movie. If this is not satisfying for you, go purchase the actual 3D version. 

  • First you will need to download a software which will allow you to convert 2D movies to 3D, there are many available out there but for this guide I will be using 3DCombine.
2d to 3d converter download page 3dcombine
  • After you’ve finished downloading and installing the converter, open the movie file you want to convert. 
2d to 3d converter 3dcombine step one
  • Go to ” Video ” on top and click ” 2D to 3D (Auto) ” which will allow you to automatically convert your 2D movie file to 3D while you sit back and relax.
  • Another menu will popup where you’ve to select the ” 3D Output File ” along with the ” 3D format ” of your wish. 
2d to 3d converter 3dcombine step two
  • After you’ve selected confirm, you will see other 3 options. It’s upto you what you choose but I recommend that you compress the file as it will save you space. Hence press ” Use external codec ” then click ” Convert ” and wait for it to finish converting.
2d to 3d converter 3dcombine step three

After you’ve finished converting, check the movie file and if you see two identical sides then congratulations, it means you did everything right!

If you’ve any questions or feedback/suggestion, leave them in the comment section belox. 

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