8b website builder

In this era of technology, online success begins with a substantial domain. Whether it is about promoting a business, setting up a shop, or starting a blog, you need a website to exhibit your work and worth.

There are two approaches. You can either hire a web developer to build your website or make it yourself.

The creation of websites has become easier than ever due to the development of website builders that are tools which help to construct websites without any sort of manual programming. 

No matter what type of website design you choose, it is essential to pick a suitable tool for its execution. 

8b Website Builder

Finding a great website builder can be quite overwhelming and tedious due to the many alternatives available in the competitive web world. The simplest and most user-friendly option when it comes to creating and designing a website is 8b Website Builder. It is an esteemed online website builder that is quick and requires no prior knowledge of either programming algorithms or coding.

What is most astonishing about this website builder is the fact that it is free and incorporates intriguing features of Bootstrap as well as AMP. If you want to set up a website that is unique, quick, mobile-optimized and Google friendly, then 8b Website Builder is what you are looking for.

8b website builder

How to Create a Free Website

Creating a free website with the help of 8b Website Builder is very clear and easy. You simply have to follow 4 simple steps and you will end up with a spectacularly designed website. Here is how you can make use of this amazing 8b free website builder.

  • Sign Up:

The first and most necessary step is creating an account. This is super easy as you simply have to click on the create a free website which will take you to the register window. Here you can either sign up with your email, Facebook or Google account.

  • Choose a template:

8b offers a wide array of alluring templates. Choose the theme that you require and name your future work. Click on the create site option and you are ready to start working on your website.

  • Design your pages:

By this time your website will be created for you to edit it and modify it as per your needs and requirements. You can design your pages and add content that you are pleased with. The drag and drop option helps you add any section that you desire.

  • Publish your website:

The last step after you are done editing is publishing the website that you have created up till now. You simply have to click on the Hamburger and then on Publish. This is it and your website will be published within seconds.

Advantages of 8b Website Builder

Many advantages that accompany the use of 8b Website Builder, including:

  • It is free of cost so all you need to invest is a little time and effort.
  • You will be provided with spectacular designs and easy to use web building solutions without paying for them.
  • 8b is designed in such a manner that it is user-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere around the globe.
  • It offers a wide variety of templates that are unique as well as impressive.
  • 8b makes use of several features such as AMP and bootstrap that enhances its use and makes it very responsive.
  • Added to this, it is convenient to use, mobile-friendly, multilingual, and SEO-friendly website builder.

8b website builder

Try 8b website builder today!

8b Website Builder is definitely worth trying. It is a very well-executed free website builder that helps to create and publish a website that is fast, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing. It saves a lot of time and any hassle with regards to programming or coding.

However, since this is a tool – your design may become limited to what it has to offer. If you want a unique website or somewhat complex, we suggest hiring a web development company like Thetic Solutions to take care of your web designing & development needs without any limitation while you sit back & relax.

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