How to download and use Prisma on Android

If you’re an active user of famous social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc you must’ve heard of an app called ” Prisma ” atleast once (or 37583947733 times) on your social network newsfeed. Ever since it’s initial release on iOS appstore, it has lead app store rankings with over 10 million downloads! The words to come into your mind espically if you’re an app developer right now, is probably HOW and WHY?

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How to download and use prisma on Android

​The answer is simple. Just like the answer, Prisma is simple to use and features UNIQUE filters which will transforms your photos into artworks using the style of 33 famous artists (i.e: Munk, Picasso etc). The secret behind this app’s success is basically the fact that it’s not your typical photo filtering app, instead it uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) which processes each photo differently depending on the photo’s structure and converts it into a piece of art. Just like everything, this app also comes with a con and that is, it requires a Internet connection but that shouldn’t stop you from downloading this app! Here in this article you will learn how to download Prisma on Android and also how to use Prisma on Android. 

How to download Prisma on Android

1. Download Prisma from the Google Playstore by searching for ” Prisma ” or by Clicking Here.

How to download and install Prisma on Android

2. After you’ve opened it, you’ll be asked to give few permissions. Accept all to proceed.

3. Congratulations, you’ve installed Prisma on Android!

How to use Prisma on Android

The interface of Prisma should be easy to get the hang of within first five minutes of Installing, as it resembles other photo filtering apps. Using it is very easy, all you’ve to do is:

1. Take a photo using your phone’s rear or front camera/Select an existing photo from your phone’s gallery.

.2. Select a filter from the list to apply the filter (Make sure to be connected to the Internet). Don’t be alarmed if it takes some time, as many people are using it.

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