how to install free youtube downloader by videoSoft

Youtube is one of the biggest video sharing website in the world, which boasts over a billion active users. When it comes to listening to music, radio or watching videos, Youtube is usually the first choice users tend to go to, instead of BBC radio 1 or Spotify. More than 500 hundred hours of music videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. However, listening to music on YouTube is far from ideal as your device has to be turned on at all times, along with data. Although Youtube may be considered popular, but it still has its own share of cons which few of are:

  • Can’t minimize videos without pausing the music video.
  • Risk at getting large bills from network provider, as each video takes up around 6mb to buffer.

Hence the best solution to this problem would be to just download youtube playlist or music video in mp3 format from YouTube to your PC and then transfer it to your Smartphone.

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Disclaimer: It’s important to know that downloading or “ripping” of music from YouTube is against their terms of use and may result in legal consequences, hence make sure to take permission from the original author or the copyright holder before downloading the music video. If you do decide to download without permission, do note that you’re doing this at your own risk and we won’t claim any responsibility.  

How to Download YouTube Playlist

When downloading youtube playlists from youtube, users often tend to spend hours copying address of each music video and pasting it on the youtube downloader. This can get tedious and frustrating after some time, hence the best approach is to find a solution to download the full playlist automatically without you having to manually copy/paste all the youtube music video links.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to do this and can help you save lots of time.


  1. Download and install Free YouTube Downloader Software by DVDVideoSoft
  2. Decide what Youtube Playlist you want to download.
  3. Copy the link of the Playlist
  4. OR you can select a specific video of your choice from the playlist (OPTIONAL)
  5. Download youtube playlist

Simple enough right? If you’re still confused, no worries- here’s a more detailed explanation of how you can download Youtube playlist in MP3. Keep reading!

Step #1 – Download and install Free Youtube Downloader

It’s very easy to download and install, just visit DVDVideoSoft’s official website and click Download according to the operating system you’re on. This is a great software to use on Windows however, if you looking for best YouTube playlist downloader for Mac, this may not be the best option for you.


How to download free youtube downloader by videoSoft


After you’ve finished downloading, make sure to install it – which is a smooth process and should not take longer than 3 minutes.


how to install free youtube downloader by videoSoft

Step #2 – Decide what Youtube playlist you want to download & Copy the link

Congratulations on downloading & installing Free Youtube Downloader, now it’s time to finally download the playlists you want.

Visit the playlist you want to download on Youtube and copy the link.

Step #3 – Download the playlist

Open the Free Youtube Downloader Software and paste the link on there. You’ll be notified that the video belongs to a playlist and will be asked to download whole playlist, select “ Yes “.


how to download youtube playlist in mp3


Now the time taken to finish downloading the whole music playlist will depend on the total size of the videos in the playlist and on your Internet connection. Hence it’s best to leave the playlists on download when not using computer or your Internet connection, preferably at night.


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