How to find Lost Android Phone when it’s on Silent/Vibration Mode

The advantage of keeping your Android phone’s ringtone on Max volume is the fact that if you lose your Android phone you can just call it from any external phone and be able to find it easily. But what if you’ve a habit of keeping your phone on silent/vibrational mode and you happen to lose your Android phone? You can try asking your mum to recover it as mums are famous for their natural skills to recover lost items, but what if even she isn’t able to find it? Don’t worry, don’t lose hope as you still have chances of recovering your phone.

Android phone lost

Note: For this technique to work, your phone must be connected to the Internet. 

#1 – First thing you need to do is go to Android’s Device Manager and login to the same G-Mail account you were logged onto on your Android Phone.

Android Device Manager's startup page

#2 – You will see 2 options ” Ring ” and ” Set up Lock & Erase ” along with your phone’s location if it’s enabled on your Android phone. 

Android Device Manager when try to ring your Android Device while it's on Silent

By clicking Ring, your phone will ring for complete 5 minutes giving you enough time to look around your house for the phone, if it stops ringing simply go back to your PC & press the Ring button again. 

In order to use the ” Lock & Erase ” feature, you must’ve gave permission manually before. If you didn’t then there’s no point as it will just send Set up Instructions which is useless as you don’t even have access to your phone in the first place.


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