How to get more followers on Instagram

No matter what social network you are on, the first priority is to get a large amount of followers/fanbase. The bigger the fanbase you have, the more interaction you will get. Social Networks are also a great place for marketers to promote their products, services or interact with their fans. One of those popular social networks is Instagram, which is gaining more and more popular each day. Instagram is estimated to have 500 million monthly active users. You don’t need to be a celebrity to get many followers on Instagram, you can do so while being an ordinary person with these 10 unique ways on how to get more followers on Instagram.

​Before I begin, I’d like to mention a few obvious tips that you probably already know off and would find almost everywhere on the Internet.

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#1. Make sure to upload a nice display picture along with few photos (more than 3) to give a impression you’ve photos uploaded and set a bio. Make sure to include your own name or a really cool nickname. Remember, the first impression is the last impression! On a survey taken, most people have said that they don’t like following people that have no display picture along with 0 photos.

#2. Boost your followers by following people that you’re sure will follow you back such as friends, relatives, neighbors etc. Just like the quote ” To get money, you need money ” same goes for Instagram ” To get followers, you need followers “.

#3. Reciprocal. This is main concept of Social Networks, in order to maintain your followers, you have to follow back or else risk losing your followers.

#4. Use third party tools such as crowdfire, statusbrew to see who unfollowed you, your inactive followers etc so that you can unfollow them.

#5. Link your Instagram profile on your other social network profiles.

#6. And most importantly, be active by liking and commenting on photos.

Now that we’re done with the obvious tips. Make sure you’ve followed them before continuing.

Have A Theme

In order to have a really successful Instagram account, you must stick to a theme/niche that interests your followers and develop a fan base based on that theme. E.g: In case you are a designer, then you can post about the fashion industry. If you are a chef, you can post about food. etc. Make sure you only post unrelated content to your niche/theme occasionally. If you do it frequently, you might end up losing followers.

Have A Schedule


How to get more followers on Instagram 2016 followers analysis

In case you have a schedule, your followers will know when to expect a new picture and they will wait eagerly for it. Have a rhythm and maintain it. This does not mean that you must post daily, although it is recommended to do so. You need to have a specific schedule and stick to it in order to have a loyal following. Also try to analyze the time zones of the majority of your followers so you don’t mistakenly upload photos while they’re sleeping. Remember, More likes = More exposure = More followers.

Do Not Bore People

People have an expectation from you. In case you have been posting photos of your dog and kitten, then do not throw in a picture of morning sunshine. Give people what they want. Hence try to have a variation in your photos but do not move away from the theme. Look at your own photo and see if it bores you. Now decide what you want to post. Always have something new and different to share. E.g: If you’re a fashion designer, you can post motivation quotes or photos about New Technology.

Have Interesting hashtags

It is a good practise to use hashtags on your photos. Hashtags will help you to get more eyeballs on your post. Hence do not stick to common hashtags. Instead, you must stick with a handful of unique hashtags that are related to the theme of your account. It’s best to research hashtags to see whether it suits your photo or not, before using them and make sure not to overuse hashtags.

Set profile to Public

Most people expect to become famous overtime while having their account set to private. By doing this, hashtags will be useless as your photos won’t appear when people search those hashtags. If you plan on gaining a lot of followers, make sure to set your profile to public.

How to get more followers on Instagram 2016 by interacting with followers

Interact With Your Followers

This is your way to acknowledge your followers in some way and show proof that you are alive, not dead. You need to let them know that you appreciate them by liking their photos, commenting and also tagging them when possible.

Post Good Photos/Videos

This is a obvious one but a tip that most articles fail to mention. By posting good photos and videos, you will obviously gain more likes, resulting in more followers. Post photos/videos that you know for sure will interest your followers. Take photos that can be as good as possible and make sure not to just post photos all the time, but also videos. Simply master a few photo basics in order to take a good photo.

Edit Properly

This means that you must invest in a good photo editing app. Hence you need to go much beyond the limited filters as well as editing tools of Instagram. There many photo editing apps for your smartphone which can help you achieve this.

Get Featured

Your Instagram account cannot exist in a vacuum. Hence try to develop relations with famous Instagrammers and have them feature your Instagram account by giving you a shoutout on their profile or you can blog/guest blog and link your Instagram account to direct readers to.

Take Good Selfies

Try to take good selfies. This may require you to undertake a short online course to learn basic tips such as: Make sure of simple things like keeping the focus on your face. The light should be coming from infront of you or else it will make your selfies look dark. Wear light colored clothing so that the image comes out well. Have a steady hand or else try to make use of a selfies stick in order to have impressive selfies or take photos using selfie apps, that contain filters which will make you look good and save your time from editing.

If you follow these tips correctly, you’ll be able to get more followers on Instagram and most importantly, also make sure to maintain them by staying active. In simple terms, the more followers you have, the more followers you will get!

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