How to Hide Apps on Android Smartphone

Your Smartphones probably contain a lot of personal information such as text messages, photos, videos, audio recordings etc. Even though your phone might have a phone lock such as PIN or Pattern, it’s still not enough as it is easy to figure out those now a days and not every Smartphone has thumbprint recognition password. Few smartphone brands already have built in features to hide apps on Android Smartphone easily, like the Samsung’s private mode but they’re not that much useful either. Here in this article you will learn how to do so.

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There are many ways to hide your apps, but even though they will not be that much helpful if the user is smart enough to figure out how you did it and reverse it if he has your phone for a long time, hence these techniques are likely to fool a person 100 percent only if he has your Smartphone for a certain period of time. So here in this article, I will be showing you to how to hide your Apps by two methods.

How to hide Apps on Android Smartphone using Nova Launcher

Learn how to hide Apps on Android Smartphone using Nova Launcher

If you’re a developer or a die hard Android fan, you must’ve heard of Nova Launcher atleast once in your lifetime. It’s a launcher App for Android Smartphones, great for those that don’t already have a great Android Smartphone. It makes your smartphone more easier to use and at the same time gives you more control over your phone by allowing you to customize it to however as you want. That’s right, this even includes being able to ” Hide Apps ” (Available for Nova Prime users only)

  1. Download Nova Launcher from Google Playstore by Clicking Here.
  2. Open it and go to Settings, press App & Widget Drawers
  3. Select ” Hide Apps ” and select the Apps you do not want to show on your Smartphone screen anymore. (they won’t be uninstalled, but only hidden)

Learn how to hide Apps on Android Smartphone using Nova Launcher

If you want to unhide an App again, just simply return to the menu used to hide the Apps and uncheck the apps to unhide them. 

How to hide Apps on Android Smartphone using File Hide Expert

Learn how to hide Apps on Android Smartphone using File Hide Expert

As the App’s name suggests, this App allows you to hide any files such as Pictures, Videos, Audios, Folders etc that you don’t want anyone to see easily and also bring them back again with just a few presses. Also what’s best about this App is the fact that you can password protect it to prevent people from opening it and unhiding your Apps in order to access them. Although the interface is simple, it gets the job done very well and has a lot of positive reviews from people too. If you uninstall this app accidently, don’t panic as your hidden files can be brought back again by just re-installing the App again to unhide and then you may uninstall again.

Click here to download File Expert.

Learn how to hide Apps on Android Smartphone using File Hide Expert

The first thing you’d want to do after Installing File Hide Expert is to add a Password to it. You can do so by going to Settings > Enable a Password. Make sure to write the password down somewhere if you think you might end up forgetting it because if you do forget then you won’t be able to open File Hide Expert ever again.

How to hide Apps on Android Smartphone if you’re an Samsung User(EXTRA): If you’re a Samsung user and want to avoid installing external Apps, there’s a way to hide apps on Android Smartphone easily by:

  • Going to Settings and pressing ” Privacy and Safety ” under Personal, then press ” Private Mode ” and enable it.

Hope you enjoyed this Article, if there are more ways you know on how to hide apps on Android Smartphone please do let me know by posting it on the comment sections or emailing it to us.


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