How to increase Instagram Followers using Hashtags, Captions, and Geotags

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The landscape of social media is continually changing and Instagram is at the top of the list. With new updates rolling out on almost annually or even monthly basis, the good way to leverage this mega-popular platform and increase your followers on Instagram are changing with it. Luckily, here you get to know best practices that will take to you on top in this evolving world of ‘gram’. The following ways are well researched that will give you the answer of your frequently asked question ‘how to increase Instagram followers.


How to increase Instagram Followers: Tips & tricks


Use at least 11 hashtags:

The recent research indicates that engagement rises when you use at least 11 hashtags. And, use at most up to 30 hashtags.


Put hashtags in your comments:

Don’t use all the hashtags in the caption because it doesn’t look nice when you pack your caption with plenty of hashtags. Instead, place some hashtags in the comment section.


Include as many popular hashtags as possible:

Hashtags will give you more potential Instagram followers. Use popular hashtags that will grab the attention of more people. They will be more likely to see your posts and follow you. For finding popular hashtags, use TagScout that will give you results that are most relevant to your niche.


Include smaller, more specialized hashtags:

Smaller hashtags have less competition that will help to rank your content in search results. Using smaller hashtags can increase the chance of appearing in the top 10 results of a specific hashtag.


Geotag your posts:

Geotagging increases the visibility of your content as people who post photos in your location will likely to see your posts on the location page due to geotagging. So don’t forget to geotag your posts.


Create a branded hashtag:

The brand hashtag will build brand recognition in no time. Create a branded hashtag that will get your brand name on a variety of different feeds. That way, people will easily share your brand on Instagram.


Write smart captions:

Content is king. If it’s an antique set of jewelry, what was your feeling when you saw it? If it’s any special occasion or location, what did you feel when you wore it the first time? Ask some simple yet engaging questions in the captions of your posts because that way you can increase interaction with your loyal audience.


Include a clear CTA:

According to research, when you include word comment or like in the caption of your posts then you can get more comments and likes (Approximately 89 percent more). When your post gets more likes and comment then it comes in a top place in the search results- meaning more followers and more visibility. When you are going to write your caption, place key info or words at the start of the caption. Because lengthy captions get cut off after some lines. That way, people can see important information seen no matter how your Instagram posts are seen. 


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