How to install iPhone keyboard for Android

Most people after buying an smartphone, think that they will be stuck with their phone’s default keyboard forever, but what they don’t know is the fact they can replace it anytime in just few simple steps. The first place to come to your mind when searching for external Android keyboard should be the Google play store as there are thousands of external Android keyboards available there free of charge, but what if you want to use an iPhone’s keyboard? Assuming you’ve just transferred from iOS to Android, you might be having trouble using your new Android phone’s keyboard or maybe you’re just tired of your Android phone’s default keyboard and want to partially experience how it feels like to use an iPhone. In this article, I will be discussing about an Android App called ” Emoji Keyboard 6 ” which is available on the Google play store for free and is the closest keyboard to iOS you’ll get for Android.

#1 – Download ” Emoji Keyboard 6 ” from the Google Playstore.

Emoji Keyboard 6 Android App on Google Playstore

#2 –  After you’ve installed it, go to: Settings> Language & Input, you should see ” Emoji Keyboard 6 ” Under Keyboard & Input Methods. Press it to enable the keyboard.

Enabling external Android Keyboard Emoji Keyboard 6

#3 – After you’ve enabled it, make sure to set it as your default keyboard so you won’t have to keep on enabling it, by pressing ” Default ” and pressing ” Emoji Keyboard 6 “

Selecting Emoji Keyboard 6 as Default Keyboard for Android

#4 – Congrats, you finished installing the keyboard. Told you it’d be simple!

How Emoji Keyboard 6 looks, preview of Emoji Keyboard 6


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