How to kill an iPhone in One Simple Step

Recently it’s been discovered that setting the date on a iPhone, iPad or iPod to 1st January 1970 would cause the device to be disabled forever. There’s no reason why this specific date as that still is a case to be a figured out, but if you ever want to go back in time on your iPhone, avoid 1970 unless you want to say goodbye to your iPhone. Although users are most unlikely to set the date back to this date but after the discovery of this bug on Apple’s products, many people have been misusing it as a prank on their friend’s phone or setting the date to 1970 on demo iPhones in stores on purpose then walking out or even setting the date back to 1970 on their own iPhone’s just to see whether it works or not. (Height of stupidity) 

how to kill an iphone in one simple step

Apple plans to release a fix for this bug in the next iOS update which will be released in March, till then make sure not to try this at home kids!


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