Ufone is the most popular network used in Pakistan after Mobilink, mainly due to their great SMS and Internet service throughout the country. Just like Mobilink E-Care allows you to control and review your phone from the web, Ufone has a similar feature but more ADVANCED than it’s rival Mobilink, called Ufone Self Care. 

Ufone Self Care account allows you to:

  • Subscribe to SMS, Call or Internet packages from web. 
  • Convert packages
  • Convert from prepaid to postpaid​​​
  • Monitor all numbers via one account, without having to create a separate account for each number
  • ​Check your call and SMS history, which is the best part in my opinion.

​And much more, which you’ll discover after creating an account. 

​How to sign up for Ufone Self Care Account

1. Register for a Ufone Self care account by clicking here.

2. Fill in the form. Make sure you remember the pass to your email as you’ll be required to login and copy the code sent by ufone in order to proceed further.

How to make ufone self care account step 1

3. ​After you’ve inserted the code, you’ll be asked to provide your number and the CNIC it’s registered on. You can find out the CNIC by sending a blank text to ” 696 “.

How to make ufone self care account step 2

4. After submission, you’ll get a pin on your phone and email which you’ve to enter.

​Congratulations, you’ve created your ufone self care account!

Now visit ” Customer home ” on the left side bar to discover what you can do with Ufone’s self care account.

Preview of ufone self care account

​If you wish to add more numbers, click ” Mobile number association ” on the customer homepage, where as if you wish to close the account click ” Close account “.

​How to check Ufone Call/SMS History

The great thing about Ufone self care account is the fact that it allows you to check your call/sms history logs from the web, with accurate timestamp. This feature is great for monitoring your children or spying on your significant other (remember, you didn’t hear this from me). 

​After creating the ufone self care account and associating the number with it:

1. On the left side, click ” Customer home “.

​2. Scroll down and then click ” Call History “

3. Insert start and end date you want to load the call/sms logs for.

​Note: You can view call/sms history only twice a day, so make it count! 

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