Whatsapp is a popular Instant Messaging app with over 450 million users using it daily worldwide. No doubt, it is the ideal app for Instant messaging as it contains everything a user requires for instant messaging such as being able to send files such as audio, video, photos and documents easily with just one press. Users prefer it over ordinary texting as you can send unlimited messages free of charge as long as you’re connected to the Internet and best of all, no advertisements are involved. Due to Whatsapp’s Immense popularity, it has became a target for hackers to gain their hands on user’s personal information.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes, the article’s creator is in no way responsible for any misuse provided of the information. This article’s purpose is to teach the hacker’s technique in order to avoid their attacks.

How to protect your Whatsapp from being hacked

After the release of Whatsapp Web, it has became easy for people to hack other’s Whatsapp and read their conversations in real time, as long as the victim’s phone is connected to the Internet as Whatsapp Web doesn’t work without Internet. 


1) Laptop, Phone or Tab with a browser Installed
2) Victim’s phone for a few minutes


  • Go to: Whatsapp Web on your own device (i.e: PC/Laptop/Tab). You should see a QR code.


how to use whatsapp web on pc desktop


  • Now open your victim’s Whatsapp and navigate to ” Whatsapp Web ” on their phone.


how to connect your whatsapp on phone to pc


  • Scan that code on your OWN Device, using your Victim’s phone. 


how to scan code on whatsapp web

You may now return your victim his/her phone and spy on their conversation using your device, aslong as they’re connected to the Internet.

Now let’s not forget what this article is about, it’s about how to protect your Whatsapp from being hacked. Imagine yourself in the victim’s shoes. You can reverse this hack easily by just simply visiting ” Whatsapp web ” on your Phone and monitoring your ” Logged in computers ” daily. If you notice any device that does not belong to you, simply press ” Log out from all computers ” in order to log yourself out.

how to logout of accounts on whatsapp web


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