How to record phone calls automatically on your Android Smartphone

Recording phone calls automatically is a feature that should come built in with most Android Smartphones but isn’t due to different laws in every country, even when that call recording is of your own conversation and your conversation just disappears after it ends. There are no cons to having a automatic call recorder, only advantages such as:

  • Being able to listen to that conversation again in case you forgot something they said (directions, names etc)
  • Solid proof evidence of something they said 
  • Memories so you can listen to them again in the future 
  • To record pranks
  • Size of the recordings is usually low (In KBs) hence you won’t need to worry about storage space
  • Monitor your children on what they talk about on calls

And much more!

how to record phone calls automatically on your android smartphone for free

But you’re probably wondering why Install a “Automatic” Call recorder over a Manual one. The answer is simple. You’d probably get tired from having to manually record all the time, hence “automatic” call recorders would solve that problem and you can delete the recordings you don’t like later on. 

Now the question is, what Call Recorder to install on your Android Smartphone?

There are thousands of call recorders available on the Google Playstore. To save you from wasting your time, check out our List of Top 5 Call Recorders for Android Smartphone

Note: Test the call recorders by calling your friends. If one does not work, try others until one of them works and stick to that call recorder.

My personal favourite is Automatic Call Recorder by LIQATO which offers a free and pro version available on the Google Playstore. 

Please do let us know how this call recorder worked out for you or if you’ve any other call recorders that work best for you in the comment section below. 


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