How to reduce Image Size without losing it’s Quality

Most people do not know about the fact that they can reduce Image size easily thanks to the many softwares and websites available out there for you to use. Reducing image size is useful for many reasons, such as: being able to upload the photo on a website where they have a size limit or uploading those photos on your Blog/Website which can help make your webpages load faster as low sized images load faster. As I mentioned earlier there are many softwares  & websites to reduce Image size without losing it’s quality, but which one should you use? Why go through the hassle of downloading a software & then installing it, when you can simply reduce image size through the Internet. In this article, I will be talking about my favorite website for reducing Image’s Size called ” Optimizilla “.

Reduce image size

Note: If you’re interested in downloading a software to be able to compress images offline, I recommend you to download Caesium which is very fast and reliable. If you’d like to reduce image size online, keep on reading further.

#1 – It’s very simple to use, all you have to do is go to their website & upload the image which you want to compress. 

Optimizilla Online Image Compressor homepage

#2 – After you’ve uploaded your photos, wait till they’re finished then the percentage of how much the size has been reduced by will appear on the photos. Click ” Download all ” to download your new compressed images!

Preview of Optimizillaafter photos have been compressed

You can compare original and compressed photos manually by right clicking them and selecting property, you should be able to recognize the difference the size difference between them both.

Comparing size of both photos

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