How to see who Unfollowed you on Twitter

Twitter has a population of over 300 million users, making it the 2nd most popular social network in the world after Facebook. Popular for all types of communities, Twitter is known as a great platform for entertainment or promoting content. When I first joined Twitter, I remember following everyone I saw, mainly celebrities and was disappointed when they didn’t follow me back. It’s important to maintain your following and followers ratio on Twitter as following more people than the number of your followers can damage your first impression towards people who visit your profile and decrease your chance of being followed back by only 20 percentage! Back then when I used to be a newbie on Twitter, I remember following 1500 people but only having 600 followers and even though I followed many people afterwards, my follower’s did not increase mainly because my Followers/Following ratio was damaged, I then decided to take a step to unfollow all those who weren’t following me but I was confused how to do so, as unfollowing manually would take me ages. I did some stalking on the Internet for some tools which can help make my process of seeing who Unfollowed me on Twitter easier where I came across many tools & softwares but only some were useful. Here in this article I will be discussing about 2 of my favorite websites which I use to see who unfollowed me on Twitter.

Note: Keep in mind to not follow/unfollow over 100 people instantly or else you might risk your Twitter account from getting suspended.

#1 – Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a great online tool for tracking unfollowers, inactive people you are following & also fans (people you’re not following back). This site is on number 1 for me mainly because it offers many free features as compared to other tools.

Learn how to see who has unfollowed or followed you on Twitter with the help of Crowdfire


  • Free users are limited to following 25 users and unfollowing 100 users per day.
  • You can see all your unfollowers from ” Oldest to newest ” which is a very great feature so you can unfollow those people who you’ve been following since a long time and have not followed back.
  • You can see your fans (people you’ve not followed) and follow them. It’s important you follow back unless you want to get unfollowed! As that’s the rule of Social Networking ” Give & Get ” 
  • See people who have recently Unfollowed you.
  • See inactive people (who haven’t tweeted for over a month) you are following.
  • Be able to Copy followers, which is a great feature for copying your friends or rival followers in order to get follow backs.
  • Black list & white list 
  • Friend check, to check whether if that person is following another specific person. Great for checking whether your girlfriend is still following her Ex on Twitter or not.
  • Automatic Direct Messages

Previously known as Unfollowers.Me, it almost offers most of the same basic features as Crowdfire while rest are for premium users only. What makes stand out from Crowdfire is the fact that it lets you follow 50 people (25 more than Crowdfire) and also has a great interface.

Learn how to see who has unfollowed or followed you on Twitter with the help of Unfollowers


  • Free users are limited to being able to follow 50 people & unfollow 100 people per day.
  • Allows you to check your fans (people who are following you, but you’re not following back)
  • See your recent unfollowers
  • See inactive followings or fake following.
  • Be able to copy users by tweets and also their followers.

Tip: If you don’t want to pay and unfollow/follow more than the limit, simply use both websites. But as I mentioned before, do not unfollow/follow too many people or else Twitter might suspend your account.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to leave your comments & what tool you use for seeing who unfollowed you on Twitter.

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