How to shorten your links & Track views

If you use websites which have character limits like Twitter and want to post bigass links but can’t due to the character limit, this is where URL shorteners come in. Now there are a lot of websites to shorten links but I’m only going to talk about 2 here. Non profitable and profitable.

Google URL shortener (Non-profitable)

It’s the best URL shortener you would ever find out there as it’s fast, reliable and not only does it track your views but also collects their geographical info. So you would be able to track down from what countries people are clicking your link from.

How to use it?

The reason why this remains the top URL shortener is because it’s simple to use.

  • Register (optional). If you DO  NOT register, you will not be able to track your views.
  • After you’ve registered (or not), copy the link you want to shorten and paste it on Google URL shortener bar.
Using google url shortener
  • Click Shorten URL and Tadaa, you will see your shortened URL on the right side of the page where you can copy it. Now you can start using that shortened link for Twitter or any other websites.
Google url shortener after link has been shortened preview

Now if you have registered, you will be able to monitor your links view the interface below or if you ever lose your link, you can find it there again. 

AdFly URL Shortener (Profitable):

Okay now I will discuss another way to shorten URLs and also gain a small income out of it. Although AdFly links are banned in many websites.

Pros and Cons of AdFly

  • You earn money everytime someone clicks your shortened URL
  • It’s simple to use, similar to Google URL shortener.
  • You can track your views and their geographical location.
  • AdFly links are marked spam and banned on most websites.
  • The adverts are annoying. The viewer will have to see a ad for 5 seconds.

How to use AdFly?


  • Start shrinking your URLs.


Adfly homepage profitable link shortening website
AdFly’s Homepage


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