How to unlock T-Mobile iPhone | 2018

Although T-Mobile is renowned for its progressive pricing and cellular plans, the company is notorious for maintaining one unpopular policy; locking its devices.

Having a locked device can be annoying, especially if you have the complete ownership of the iPhone. The company has maintained a strong stance over this policy and it seems unlikely that they will change it in the coming future.


How to unlock T-Mobile iPhone in 2018


If you own a T-Mobile locked iPhone and you need to have your device unlocked, then you are in luck because here’s how!


Pre-Requisites of Unlocking T-Mobile iPhone

Even though it is rather easy to unlock your device, there are still some prerequisites on how unlock T-Mobile iPhone.

Following are the conditions that need to be met before you can continue with the unlocking process:

  • The device must not be reported stolen or lost.
  • The account associated with the device must not be a cancelled one and should be a legitimate account.
  • You must not have requested more than 2 mobile device unlock code in the past one year.
  • If you are a Pay and Go customer, then all your dues need to be paid.
  • You must have the proof of purchase.

If you and your device meet all the conditions, then you can carry on with the procedure.


Unlock T-Mobile iPhone

With all the financial obligations out of the way, you can now get on with the unlocking of your device.

There are two methods of unlocking and both of them involve contacting the T-Mobile customer care center.

You can either contact them and ask for Mobile Device Unlock App or you can simply request an unlock. When approved, the company will send you instructions which need to be followed step-by-step and then your phone will be unlocked.


How Do I Check?

Once the process is completed and you have waited a substantial amount of time for the company to unlock your phone, you need to check whether your phone has actually been unlocked or not and here’s how:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Remove the existing SIM card from the device.
  • Insert SIM card of any other carrier.
  • Restart the device.
  • Try calling someone and if you can successfully do that then this means that your phone has been unlocked.


T-Mobile Unlock Variations

For all the T-Mobile users out there, it is important to know that the company offers two types of unlocks:

  • Temporary Unlock
  • Permanent Unlock

As the name suggests, the temporary lock will unlock your device for a limited time whereas the permanent lock will enable the users to enjoy the unlock forever.

The duration of the temporary unlock has not been disclosed by the company however, a message will be prompted once your temporary unlock expires.

For further information, related to temporary and permanent unlock, contact T-Mobile’s official website.


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