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With the high popularity of Instagram, people love making their own stories on Instagram which is similar to Snapchat stories where you can upload a photo/video with a caption, that will disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat is another dramatically fast story, picture, and video sharing app that influenced the implementation of Instagram stories. Ever since the release of Instagram stories, people have started to shift from Snapchat to Instagram due to the fact there are more users on Instagram than Snapchat, meaning more exposure. Backing up photos/videos on Snapchat was a major issue until the release of Snapchat Memories, which allows you to save your media files to phone’s storage and backup your media files online for later use. 

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Due to snapchat’s unique and popular features, such as Snapchat lenses which Instagram still not has introduced, Instagram is less likely to replace Snapchat in the near future. If you’re on both social networks, it can get confusing on what social network to use for uploading stories. But what if I told you, you should use both? There’s no direct way to export photos from Snapchat stories to Instagram stories and considering the fact that they’re both competitors, there probably never will be.​ Here is a very easy to use instruction set that will guide you step by step through the process of uploading snapchat videos and photos to Instagram stories.

How to transfer the media files from Snapchat to Instagram

Uploading snapchat videos or photos to Instagram stories is fairly easy. By following these simple steps, you can always do it in a zap.


#1. First you have to take a snap or record a video on snapchat

#2. At the left hand corner of the bottom of the mobile screen, press the button next to the timer to save your snap to memories.

#3. Now you need to exit this snap screen. Do it by tapping on the ‘x’ cross at the upper left hand corner of screen.

#4. After saving, press back and open memories by pressing the small circle visible below the large circle used to take a photo.

#5. Tap on that snap which you just saved and want to share.


How to upload snapchat videos and photos to Instagram stories

#6. Press the bar icon on the top right corner of the screen and press ” Save to camera roll “

#7. Open Instagram and upload story by swiping right or pressing ” Your story ” on your Instagram’s feed.

#8. Swipe up and you’ll be shown photos saved/taken in last 24 hours. Press the photo/video you just saved.


How to upload snapchat videos and photos to Instagram stories

#9. Now you may add some tag, heading, comments or whatever with the snap or video then after you’re finished, upload by pressing ” Your story “.

Now you know how easy it is to transfer your favorite photos and videos to Instagram from Snapchat. It’s a great way to expand your exposure as Instagram has more users than Snapchat. Similarly if you wish to transfer your photos/videos from Instagram to Snapchat, you can do the same by saving your media files from Instagram and then uploading it on Snapchat stories through Snapchat memories. 

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