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There is no denying the power of Social Media platforms when it comes to content creation, sharing and promotion. However, unfortunately, we have all fallen a prey to the cluttered platforms which fill our timelines with irrelevant content upon which we end up wasting our time.

As a Tech Blogger and Content Creator, I have found a solution to all my content-control problems with TUBBR. Thanks to its unique vision, this platform has connected me to a whole new world of people where ideas simmer into myriads of information and value addition. Still confused at how a social media platform can make someone hooked to it in such a short period of time? Don’t worry and dive in to learn how!

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A controlled World of Content:

First off, TUBBR is nothing like the conventional social media platforms. With its striking layouts and easy-to-comprehend user interface, this app won my heart right from the start. The app is only available through invite codes which are sent to the applicant’s mobile phones- making you wonder exactly what this app has in store for you. And trust me, your wondering is worth it.

The most prominent thing which I observed about TUBBR is that it is highly user-centric. To spice it up, I also followed a couple of news accounts and marketing Influencers to connect with a prospective audience. This platform is literally all about your control over the content you view and the people you share your content with, which makes it highly useful for everyone with deep-rooted interests.


Follow-ups and Collaborations:

TUBBR is filled with people from all niches of life. From lifestyle Bloggers and Tech Influencers to successful CEOs and seasoned artists, you can easily find all kinds of timelines on it.

Within a few moments after logging in, I got the hang of it and instantly got to connect with fellow tech bloggers and tech creators.  To add to the fun are the instant follow-ups and collaborations which helped me in getting dozens of views on my timeline in a matter of minutes!


Multiple Timeliness:

We all know the struggle of constantly adjusting privacy settings on the public and private content which we post on social media profiles. With TUBBR, forget going through any such trouble.

It lets you create a public and a private timeline, using which I easily shared content and added people falling into respective categories. There was absolutely no hassle of changing privacy settings repeatedly.


Powerful interactions:

Apart from content viewing and sharing, TUBBR lets you share images and videos of real-time experiences. For photographers, it is a heaven of live streaming and sharing. Whereas for Tech Bloggers like me, it offers constant updates regarding the latest happenings from all over the world.

Moreover, you can also create and join communities specially belonging to the subject of your interest.

 TUBBR Social Media App


Only FIFTY Invites Left- Get Yours NOW!!

Do you want to join all the fun which you have long been missing out from? Get your Tubbr invites from us today to join this vast community. I got my special invite QKDV33 using which I logged into a whole new TUBBR world. And guess what? ONLY the first 50 readers of Thetic Blog will receive an invite code exclusively from us! Aren’t you thrilled to check out what this ever-hyped app is all about? Download yours to know more!

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