How TV can be a good source of Education

Have you ever get scolded by the parents for using smart phones excessively? You must have heard parents saying that these mini devices will damage your eye sight, waste your precious time that could have been spent on doing something productive and restricts you to engage in healthy outdoor games. But we don’t even try to pay any heed to them. I think we don’t want to. Maybe we have too much addiction of these smart phones, which isn’t wrong. People are quick to shift blame to Smartphones, although they alone are not responsible. There are many other technologies, such as Television and just like every Technology, TV has it’s own pros and cons. Here in this article I will discuss about How TV can be a good source of education.

How TV can be a good source of Education

Unsurprisingly, one gets to know that the technological advancement and development keep allowing us to have more and more unique, smart and colorful devices and stuff. And we, in return, have been embracing these developments in this part of the world. Many would argue that now, one cannot undo the impact and vulnerability, these technology has caused to us as there are many social side effects of Technology. It is being said that humans would no longer be needed in the same manner and numbers as they are needed today.

As there is an emerging concept i.e. ‘Artificial intelligence’ which emphasizes on the great use of robots and machines in the work place which resultantly, replaces humans and likely to cause unemployment on the huge scale. In an attempt to show and prove some relevance to the work expected, one has to be socially mobile and add greater skills sets to be flexible enough so that he/she can be adaptive to diverse and various working environment and expectations. 
Importantly, television (TV) —sign of technological development seems to have become quite essential part in one’s life. It offers enormous opportunities and programs which helps to enlighten; and draw benefits in diverse spheres of life. With the passage of time, along with smart phones, TV has penetrated the lives of people in an interesting manner, even though it still isn’t flaw-less as it still possesses a few cons mainly signal problems which can be very annoying, but that shouldn’t be a problem as you can easily boost your digital TV signal. So let’s discuss some of the benefits of TV as a good source of education.

How TV can be a good source of education

1. TV provides information and knowledge about current affairs and contemporary world. The news channels such as BBC offers valuable stuff related to the current happenings of the world. This enables us to be updated about the events, incidents and meetings. Not only this, the ever-rising competition between the news channels compelled them to provide fast and good quality material to the viewers, thus, improves efficiency, which is good for the people.

2. TV shows us the programs which allow us to see what we cannot simply, see in reality. Mostly they are based on animal’s life and their living environment. Many of us may not be able to visit rain forest or see a giraffe in the wild so TV offers the documentaries which help us to get to know and see the exciting and enlightening livings of the wildlife. National geographic in this regard, remains the chieftain among other channels which is popular and widely seen by the millions of people, who add knowledge to their lives.

3. TV offers access to movies, drama series and cartoons which is seen by children in particular and the people in general. This means that people can have recreational and fun activities easily at home so they do not have to go out to grab a ticket of film to be watched in a theatre. Moreover, this promotes family life when the whole family watches movies or drama together and may discuss or link it to their reality. Apart from this, you don’t have to worry about language barriers and can watch any shows or movies from any part of the world. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions to TV as satellites are not able to cover the whole world. For example, there is no direct broadcasting of Arabic channels in Canada and USA, however that doesn’t mean it’s IMPOSSIBLE to watch them. You can easily learn how to do so from the following article: How To Watch Arabic Channels In USA, Canada, Europe, Australia & South America

4. TV, with the help of various programs, improves the creativity, thinking skills and analytical skills of the people. You must have seen many scholars, politicians, professionals and bureaucrats discussing and providing deep analysis regarding any hot issue of the country or the world on TV. These detailed and comprehensive debates and discussions by such people enable us to widen the horizon and intellectual capacity which will likely to help them in rest of their lives.

5. TV seems to be the best and profit-generating platform for the corporate sector and the private firms which use it to advertise its product and service. This way, one gets to know about the products which has, or likely to penetrate the market and target viewers through its deceptive tactics. However, one must ensure that these advertising campaigns do not persuade them to buy a bad commodity.

6. TV is being used in institutes now a days to teach students to ease their work and to make learning faster, as it has been proven by scientists that students tend to learn faster through visual learning than verbal.

We hope this article has something productive for you if you’re looking for material about how TV can be a good source of Education.



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