Staying secure online remains one of the fundamental conversations about our digital lives with more and more of our professional and personal lives happening online. This was only more obvious in late 2019 when Travelex security was compromised leaving many travellers without access to digital funds during the new year’s travel period. Whether you’re a conscientious citizen or working remotely, staying across cybersecurity trends helps you take precautions as well as understand larger changes in legislation to protect private data.

What are the five cybersecurity trends for you to know about cybersecurity?

Data Protection Regulation Goes Global

Based on recent high-profile data breaches, many countries are scrambling to play catch-up when it comes to legislation around cybersecurity and privacy. In a globalized world, it’s worth knowing both local and regional laws to do the right thing as well as protect yourself.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Security Solutions Go Mainstream

So many people think robots when they read AI, but the real deal is more likely to be engineered into everything from chatbots through to generalized data analysis. This form of security is all about predictive rather than reactive threat management.

Cloud Security Continues to Grow in Importance

Chances are that right now you’ve got cloud storage of some sort running on at least one of your devices whether it’s your Google Drive or the Apple iCloud. The bottom line is we’re all backing our lives and work up to the cloud, so we need to treat it with the same security precautions as our bank pin or our house keys.

The Importance of Security for the “Connected Everything” Age

The Internet of Things probably sounds confusing, what doesn’t is phrases like, “Alexa, play…” and “Hey, Google…”. So many homes now have smart devices and these aren’t always an end-to-end security point. In the same way you need to secure your cloud data, you should be thinking about smart device security.

The Emergence of Next-Gen Authentication Technology

Did you know more than 85% of cyberattacks are a result of people getting tricked out of their passwords? We’re at a point where we can’t rely on the security of even high-level passwords so it makes sense that the next wave of authentication is on the horizon. Think two-factor bank authorization and more.

Learn more about these trends to stay secure online

Thanks to Paradyn who shared the infographic, ‘Cybersecurity Trends to Know in 2020’, you can learn more about these trends below. This graphic equips you with key facts, tips and statistics that are a 101 on these trends you need to know this year and into the future.

Cybersecurity Trends to Know in 2020 Infographic
Cybersecurity Trends to Know in 2020 Infographic
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